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 Haunted by Brad Steiger with Sherry Hansen Steiger (Book Review)

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PostSubject: Haunted by Brad Steiger with Sherry Hansen Steiger (Book Review)   Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:32 pm

Name: Haunted - Malevolent Ghosts, Night Terrors, and Threatening Phantoms
Publisher: Visible Ink
Authors: Brad Steiger with Sherry Hansen Steiger
Price: $19.95
Overviewed by:Paul Dale Roberts and Deanna Jaxine Stinson
Comments: When I heard the announcement that this was Brad Steiger's last book, I was devastated. I grew up as a child reading Brad's books. When I was a child, I experienced traumatic paranormal episodes while living in a haunted house. It was Brad's books that gave me knowledge of the paranormal and helped me get over my fear of the paranormal. Brad married the lovely Sherry Hansen Steiger. Sherry was Brad's rock and has contributed so much to Brad's writings. When I introduced my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson to Brad and Sherry's books, she enthusiastically read the books from cover to cover. Deanna became inspired by comments on her articles from Brad and Sherry and to this day, my wife still writes articles and feels Brad's angelic presence resonating through our home.

Brad and Sherry are legends and their words will live on forever. Legends inspire people and motivate people. Brad and Sherry are teachers of the paranormal and they impact many, many peoples' lives. They definitely impacted my life and Deanna's life and we are grateful for that. When Brad passed away, tears ran down my face. At some point of time, I came to realize that Brad may not be here physically, but his words, his thoughts will be with us forever, into eternity. Legends never, never die. When this thought came to my mind, it brought a smile upon my face. On the physical realm, Sherry will keep Brad's legacy alive and I am grateful for that. Sherry is truly the soul mate of Brad Steiger. Brad and Sherry you are loved by many.

Let me discuss the last book that Brad has shared with humanity and what a fantastic book it is! Brad and Sherry take you to many places throughout the world and present some of the best ghost stories out there, from Governor Andrew Cuomo complaining about eerie noises that he hears in the governor's mansion that keep him awake and how the former governor David Paterson explains how the 161 year old Italianate mansion is truly haunted. This book explains on how ancient man had burial rituals that point to the fact that mankind believed in the afterlife. In this book, renowned paranormal investigators and psychics relate their paranormal experiences. Richard Senate, renowned psychic talks about the ghosts that haunt Sandy's restaurant in Ventura, California. In this book, you will get the scoop on shadow people, poltergeists and malicious spirits, like an old woman ghost that loves grabbing children. Then we have Jeff Belanger interview with famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer. Brad and Sherry remind us that ghosts don't just haunt homes, but you will also find ghosts in forests, fields and streams. This book is filled with stories of tormented spirits found in our wilderness.

With this book, you get the view points of native shamans and there is a haunting story on how there was an encounter with 4 human like figures and how one looked like a half bird, half human. After the appearance there was a downfall of rain. Nick Redfern talks about The Ancient Horseman of Bottlebush Down. If you love stories about hitchhiking ghosts, yes, this book has it!! Some people ask..."can a paranormal encounter lead to serious physical harm?" This book has the answer! Get ready to be creeped out with stories on spirit parasites and the Darklings! Paranormal researchers and NEW paranormal investigators usually will use a book by Brad and Sherry as their bible for paranormal exploration. When a NEW paranormal investigator encounters something dark and sinister, or encounter a demonic presence, it is necessary to flip open a book by Brad and Sherry to understand how to deal with these type of entities. In this last book by Brad, Brad goes into details about Darklings, Demons and Devilish Spirits. I have always used Brad's books as my bibles on all things paranormal. You like stories on fairies? Yep, it's in this book! You want to know what a Pukwudgie is? Find out in this book! There are many stories of near death experiences in this spectacular book that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! I really enjoyed reading about the actor Clint Walker's near death experience. All I can say is one! I could go on and on with what this book is all about, but you will have to get this book for yourself. Be prepared to learn about tulpas, out-of-body projections, haunted hotels and MORE and MORE! This is the kind of book that you can't put down and you will find yourself hypnotized by the words from the masters of the paranormal...Brad and Sherry. I will be reading this book over and over again and what is so exciting about this book is the fact that you may think you may know everything about the paranormal, but you don't. This book will teach you and if you are a new paranormal investigator, you are now on the right path of being a successful paranormal investigator. I highly recommend this book to our paranormal community. Blessing to Brad and Sherry!
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Haunted by Brad Steiger with Sherry Hansen Steiger (Book Review)
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