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 Haunted Adams Grove Presbyterian Church: Alabama

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PostSubject: Haunted Adams Grove Presbyterian Church: Alabama   Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:12 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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My father and step-mother have visited many countries, territories and states. One of the states that they enjoyed visiting was Alabama. My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson has also visited many states in her lifetime, because her father was a long haul trucker and her stepmother was a medical doctor. I asked her if Alabama was one of the states she visited. Her answer was “no”. My father and stepmother visited the Adams Grove Presbyterian Church and my wife Deanna became fascinated with this church, because it reminded her of a church she used to attend in Deer Lodge, Montana. Deanna tells me that when she lived in Deer Lodge, Montana, she would attend a church that was connected to a cemetery. When she would go to this church, she felt the presence of many spirits inside the church. It appears that the same thing is going on with Adams Grove Presbyterian Church in Douglas County, Alabama. Alabama even makes claim that this is one of the most haunted locations in their state. This church was built in 1853. The church is a Greek revival styled church. This sort of style was very popular in the 1800s. The last congregation to meet in this church was back in 1986. Many churches throughout the United States, Europe and other countries are usually connected to a nearby graveyard. Adams Grove Presbyterian Church is no exception. Many ghost hunters claim that the church and the cemetery are haunted. I went ahead an gathered up some stories of the entities that haunt this church and cemetery.

Some of the ghost hunters claim that there are 4 entities that haunt this property. Special Note: I found more. The first one is the Red Eyed Shadow Man. This entity has been seen lurking around the church and is known to sneak up on you. Maxwell Hodges, an independent ghost hunter believes that the Red Eyed Shadow Man is either a demon or some kind of shadow person. Maxwell says that he came across the Red Eyed Shadow Man outside of the church. Maxwell says it was a warm day and then his right arm became unbearably cold, it felt like icy fingers were squeezing his arm. He turned around and the face of the Red Eyed Shadow Man was right in his face. The eyes were redder than red and it appeared like there was a small fire inside of the entity’s pupils. Maxwell screamed for help and his friends came to his rescue. After this experience Maxwell says he has no desire of ever ghost hunting again. Maxwell says he feels he has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maxwell to this day continues having nightmares of this horrific encounter.

Many tourists and ghost hunters make claim that there is a Confederate soldier ghost that haunts the cemetery and when he sees someone browsing through the cemetery, he makes his appearance and yells at people to get off the property. The now defunct (AGS) Alabama Ghost Stompers make claim that they were actually chased by this Confederate soldier and that he was holding his rifle while chasing them. AGS says he also said “go on git!” AGS thought it was a man dressed up as a Confederate soldier, they didn’t realize he was an actual ghost until he vanished in front of their eyes.

Right before a thunderstorm, people claim that a deceased minister of the church will step out on the porch, with his arms raised in the air. It appears he is yelling something, or praying out loud. Then all of a sudden thunder is heard and the rain comes. This minister who has not been identified, wears a black suit and a black Gaucho hat. When the rain starts, the minister will fade away into nothingness.

During dusk, people have heard a baby crying inside the church. If you walk towards the crying noises, the crying noises will stop. If you walk away from the crying noises, the crying noises will start up again. No one has any explanation on the baby crying noises in the church. Brook Flores of Alexander City, Alabama said she heard the baby crying noises and instead of getting scared, she became agitated, because the noises were annoying. Brook said it reminded her of a crying baby on a long flight she recently took.


Daniel Siegram of Kenner, Louisiana visiting this church with his wife in 1982 witnessed what looked like a flowing black cape moving around the church. Daniel and his wife could not make out an outline of a person wearing the cape. The cape was dark black with a red interior. The wind seemed to move the cape around and it was at the height as if a 6 foot man was wearing it. As they watched this mysterious cape go around the church, it flopped to the ground and vanished. Daniel and his wife were very confused and can’t explain what they witnessed.

What is interesting about this church is that Terrance Carter of Mobile, Alabama says that not only does this church have ghosts, but it also gets visits from extraterrestrials. Terrance and his friends on July 17, 1978 at 11pm saw 7 yellow disc shaped objects in the sky flying in V formation. The V formation split up. The maneuvers could not be done by conventional aircraft. 5 of the UFOs vanished in a blink of the eye and 2 UFOs remained. The 2 UFOs came close and beamed down a large light near the church and then flew off at incredible speeds. Below is a youtube video of a UFO near Selma, Alabama.

A former church member who does not want to be identified says that one time the church was throwing a potluck barbeque. I will call this witness Doug. Doug did not like sitting with a group of people and decided to find a private spot on the church grounds to eat his food. He noticed that the ground was raised up as if a large gopher was burrowing underneath the ground. As he inched away from the raised ground, it moved closer to him. He started walking backwards and the raised ground moved towards him. Now he started walking at a fast pace and the raised ground moved faster towards him, leading him into the cemetery. When he was finally in the cemetery, he felt a hand grab his ankle and he fell on his face, with his plate of food flying everywhere. After this incident, he never returned to the church. He had enough.
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Haunted Adams Grove Presbyterian Church: Alabama
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