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 Demonic Activity in Nice, CA & Upper Lake

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PostSubject: Demonic Activity in Nice, CA & Upper Lake   Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:23 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations

Attention: Need 2 investigators to ride with us to Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino this Saturday! Address to meet: 1545 State Hwy 20, Nice, CA 95464
Date to be there: September 15, 2018 Saturday - Time to be there 4pm. Meeting client Ericka Rouse – Case Number: 7N07P714U7683, in the lobby of the casino and then following her to her grandmother's house. Demons followed Ericka from her Oklahoma home to her grandmother's home. Ericka is constantly being harassed by demons, they touch her, they are harassing her son and telling him to commit suicide, they hear the demons talking, they see them, etc. Ericka says that she was sexually assaulted by a demon. They need their grandmother's home blessed, they need full submersion baptisms. Ericka wants me to baptize her, she also wants me to baptize her boyfriend and son. Ericka, her boyfriend and son are homeless and live out in the fields of Upper Lake near the casino. Ericka also wants me to bless the land that they camp out at. We will meet with Ericka at: Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino lobby.  The first 2 investigators that respond will ride with us. After that any investigators that want to go will have to drive themselves.

It appears that the demonic activity originates with the playing of a Ouija Board in Oklahoma.  Demons were summoned and most likely came through a portal and attached themselves to Ericka.  Special Note:  After the announcement was made, I pondered if we should do this investigation.  I decided to cancel and assist Ericka over the phone, instead of driving up to Upper Lake, CA and personally assisting her.  See my reasons why below.

I have visited Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino, Nice, CA and Upper Lake, CA once back in 1998. At the time, I wasn’t looking for ghosts, I was actually looking for Bigfoot. A boy named Winston Landesman and his 2 friends in the Fall of 1996 were hiking in the area of Upper Lake when all of a sudden they spotted a large hairy bipedal creature staring at them from a distance of 200 feet. The creature was peeking from behind a tree. Winston saw that the creature had a face that looked human. He estimated the height of the creature at 7’ 5”. The color of the creature’s fur was a dull brown. Winston says that his friend Jeremy called him a “man monster” and to this day when he thinks back to the encounter, he calls the creature the Upper Lake Man Monster. Winston and his friends ran from the creature when the creature grabbed the tree that he was hiding behind and shook it violently. Winston and his friends were scared to death. During my visit of Upper Lake, I attempted to do some wood-on-wood communication with Bigfoot, but was unsuccessful. I found brown fur tangled up on a tree limb and a hunter informed me that it was not Bigfoot fur, it was bear fur. Upper Lake, CA has some history. It was founded in 1854 when William B. Elliot opened up a blacksmith shop at this location. Ericka Rouse and her boyfriend and son live in a tent at this location. Ericka claims that she is being tortured by demons at her campground and the demons torment her boyfriend and son.

Nice was once called Clear Lake Villas, until Charles William Bayne renamed it in 1930. He renamed it Nice, in honor of his hometown of Nice, France. The settlement of Nice began when the post office opened up in 1930. My psychic wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson was raised in these backwoods from Sonora through all of gold country and says the countryside if filled with ghosts, from past Indian settlements to more recent settlements by English, Chinese, Jewish landowners. Gail Davenport of Yreka, California says that she encountered the Unruly Three. Gail’s grandmother says that in the 1940s there were 3 boys that would terrorize the town of Nice by harassing a farmer’s daughter or making a ruckus around town by drinking and making noise. The town folk called these 3 men the Unruly Three. Legend has it that an old woman that lived in Nice cursed the boys and all of a sudden the Unruly Three died mysterious deaths. One boy died of colon cancer, another boy died of pneumonia and the other boy fell in the woods and hit his head on a rock, killing him instantly. The deaths happened within a 3 month span. Now the ghosts of the Unruly Three haunt the nearby roads around Nice, CA and late at night have been seen near the parking lot of the Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino.

Now with Ericka’s case, I am not comfortable in taking my wife to this location and utilizing her psychic abilities to find out exactly what is going on. Working on demonic cases in the past, I have discovered a lot of times it has to do with the mental disabilities of the client. Case example, a demonic case we worked on in Rancho Cordova, the occupant who claimed he was being harassed by demons would see demon faces in his carpet. His carpet was thick and wooly and if I made an impression on the carpet with my tennis shoe, he would see a demonic face in the carpet. He also saw demonic faces in the stucco of his walls. Another demonic case, I was practically chased out of a home by a woman holding a baseball bat. Mental instability can be dangerous. There have been many cases in which crimes are committed and the person committing the crime felt they were possessed by a demon.  Case example:  Son of Sam committed his killings, because he was commanded by a demonically possessed dog named Sam.  Sam was his neighbor's dog.

They say that demonic possession can occur when a person is mentally unstable, or using drugs or using alcohol excessively. So, if you ask me if I should meet Ericka in the lobby of this casino and then follow Ericka and her boyfriend to an undisclosed location in the woods with my wife, I don’t think so. I don’t know Ericka and her boyfriend and family and if this demonic activity has a hold of them, anything could happen. This could be a dangerous situation. So my solution to this problem is my contact with Ericka over the phone and explain to her how to conduct her own house blessing at her grandmother’s home and how to bless the land that she camps out in. I am a Catholic, but I highly suggested to her to go to a Baptist Church and a Baptist Church is very acceptable in giving Ericka, her son and boyfriend a full submersion baptism, which is a basic form of exorcism. If Ericka and her son, boyfriend have an attachment, the demonic attachment will instantly leave after receiving a full submersion baptism. Case closed. There is no reason for me to place myself and my wife in a unknown situation that could have bad results. Maybe I watch too much ID Discovery, but I am not taking any chances.

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Demonic Activity in Nice, CA & Upper Lake
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