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 Haunted Mongolia

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PostSubject: Haunted Mongolia   Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:07 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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I have talked about my Uncle Jose "Joe" Causing in previous articles. He was a former 101st Airborne US Army paratrooper, Korean War vet and Merchant Marine. Jose like many of my family members is a world traveler, because of his work and also for just adventuring on his own. Jose has been everywhere from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Hong Kong and more. One of his most interesting trips as a Merchant Marine is when his ship stopped over in Hong Kong and he met a beautiful Mongolian girl named Bolormaa aka Barbara. Jose was so infactuated with her that after he left Hong Kong, he kept in touch with her, by writing letters to Barbara. Jose on his own flew out to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to meet with Barbara. Jose discovered that Mongolia was sparsely populated and this country has one of the largest deserts in the world. The Gobi Desert. In fact I once wrote about the cryptid known as the Mongolian Death Worm, you can see that story here: Mongolia is mostly grassland plains and the population is about 30 percent nomadic. People on the outer regions still ride horses. This was the land that once belonged to the great conquerer Genghis Khan. The Mongol Empire stretched out as far west to Poland and far east as Korea. It also extended as far north as Siberia and far south as Vietnam. While in Ulaanbaatar, Jose saw the city as beautiful and some of the city as being ugly. There is poverty seen in various parts of Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is a land filled with history starting to when Homo Erectus walked this land to all of the Mongol tribes that would fight against each other until Genghis Khan united all of the tribes and became a conquering force with horses and camels in tow.

Mongolia is a country that has seen its share of death. Jose stayed at a cheap hotel that was infested with roaches, the bed springs were broken, a chair was broken and there was some tissue waste along the edges of the floors. Jose when going to Mongolia was on a budget and this was the best hotel he could afford. Barbara would come and visit with Jose and after the visit was over, she went home to her family, Jose was left by himself in his roach infested hotel room. Jose said that the roaches were hearty and that they could withstand a Mongolian Winter and if they could withstand a Mongolian Winter, they probably could withstand a nuclear winter and outlive mankind. Besides the roaches that Jose had to deal with, Jose had to also deal with a ghost in his room.

Jose will never forget that the hotel door handle would turn left, then turn right many times over. Jose would get out of his bed and open the door and there was no one there.  Later on in the night, Jose woke up in a cold sweat with roaches all over his body and he looked up and saw a tall dark shadow standing over his bed.  On another night in his hotel room, his bed shook up and down and he felt an icey hand on his chest. The icey hand felt like it was holding him down in his bed. Jose was a 12th degree Gung Fu martial artist, learning his skills from Bruce Lee schools in the California bay area. One night Jose was walking across from one part of his hotel room to another part of the hotel room. When Jose got to his destination, he felt a cold breeze sweeping underneath his legs, then Jose felt a slap to his face, a hard slap. Jose immediately went into his Gung Fu pose and the entity choked him and all of the Gung Fu in the world could not save Jose from being choked. The entity also whispered in his ear and said "Orus". Could Orus be the entity's name? Jose thinks so.  Jose said that he did not like his stay at the hotel in Mongolia and his relationship with Barbara dissolved. Jose moved on to other prospects stateside, close to his home in Vallejo.


In Mongolia, mining is important to the economy of Mongolia. They mine for coal, copper and gold. There are many reports of people seeing ghostly figures near mines. The Mongolian locals believe that they are seeing the ghosts of miners who have died a horrible death because of the mining.

Legend has it that a Mongolian nomadic traveler died of thirst and hunger in the Gobi Desert and that people who travel in this region can hear his loud wailing. If you hear his wailing, you are to avoid him at all costs, because if you see him, you will bleed from the eyes and become blind. A victim of the Gobi Desert Wailer saw the Wailer. He describes the Wailer as wearing tattered clothes and his eyes were gone. In the place of eyes was a black void, a black hole for his eyes. After the victim saw the entity, his eyes started bleeding and to this day he is blind from his encounter with the Gobi Desert Wailer.

Mongolian people make claim that at times they see ghostly Mongolian warriors in battle, some of these warriors are riding their horses. There are no reported interactions with these ghostly warriors and the people of Mongolia. Most likely what the people are seeing are residual apparitions that are playing out their history over and over again. The history of these warriors are imprinted into the atmosphere.
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Haunted Mongolia
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