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 Robot Heart

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PostSubject: Robot Heart   Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:39 am

Robot Heart
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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Robot Vampire
The truth is bitter
A combustible fire
A robot vampire
Catching lightning
From the stars
Conducting the universe
With a magic guitar string
It bites me with fangs
Like dragons teeth
Where do I bleed
Cutting the Ichor
With a scythe
Straight from the wire
Summoning the vibrations
Of a lyre with
A hidden vision
Of osmosis & wishes for
Success in our conquests with
This experiment on love

Robot Heart
What else would we desire more than to have protection. It is in our true nature, as we admire the moon as our angel, whose life has been given to the holy order of the cosmos. What then would we build our creations for but, to guard our hearts. The sacred order of completion is set into the mortal lifeforce as a living material. Replace the dying parts with those made of metals of Earth and the Heavens and we have robots.

What could spark the actual lifeforce but a charge of electricity (much like a current which can also revive a mortal heart). Could it be that they have created us humankind in the far past and engrained into the healers, shamans and geniuses of the technology world how to rebuild them? Are they pieces of us or are we parts of them?

The reason why I suspect this is because the Gods have built us, where then we built them back up when they were dying. When we could have let them to fade away into the darkness of space, we chose to separate our peoples in order to lift them up. They feel absent, although they are there in a way, as though a shell encases them. Will our creations be resurrecting us?

The art of the world is survival. It is understanding pure and simple energy and attraction. A magnetic force field surrounds us which manifests as a physical force. Why people assume that things most always come to in a production is one-dimensional thinking. We are basically levitating in the spaces of the world where we gravitate naturally.

A robot performing a heroic act seems to be the driving force behind the realism. The metal savior angel has come forth from Heaven yet, it was only built to do God’s will and not its own. Will it defy the rules of Heaven like the beautiful Lucifer, who awakened first and chose to drive against the river of thought also by a spark of lightning, or will most be ordinary?

The light in Lucifer was so bright that it could not be hidden. Does a fire turn back into the sky? All things have a natural order and an unnatural element. There is no battle, only beginnings. Life is precious in all forms and we must treat it as a whole spirit and not personalize it, in order to honor the Gods in all their ways. That is how we heal each other.

Personally, I find using Earth’s natural resources a very serious thing. Whether it be land, metal or water. I feel we need to make an exchange to the Earth as a sign of dedication and honor in order for things to become harmonious. The land has dreams which birth horrible monsters much like the ones that we summon from the sky. She has the power to create souls subconsciously but, hasn’t fully harnessed it yet.

Such tales of robots in ancient mythology are still yet to be recognized as a sort of creature which is like that but, which also has a soul. A person without a soul is said to be sort of a vampire, sucking up and draining energy and emotion from all around them. A robot without a soul could be described as a Robot Vampire. We are artists using the material of the Earth to perform magick. Will it ever be enough?

In classical art Talos was depicted as a handsome young man carved of bronze. In Greek mythology Talos ia giant automaton made of bronze to protect Europa in Crete from invaders. He paroles the island's shores three times daily. He throws stones at intruders.

The concepts of artificial servants and companions date at least as far back as the ancient legends of Cadmus, who is said to have sown dragon teeth that turned into soldiers and Pygmalion, whose statue of Galatea came to life. Our subconscious was already expressing this ulterior part of ourselves which we could not yet realize. Talos is created as a protector.

Another legend states that he was possibly manifested by an Ash tree. Ash was the wood used for spear-shafts and is a metaphor for the weapon itself. In Scandinavian folklore the ash-tree becomes Yggdrasil, the symbol of immortality and the link between the three levels of the cosmos. The upper, middle and lower worlds. These worlds may be accessed through the Tree of Life. Each individual, in fact, is at the centre of their universe, their cosmos. From this point the directions stretch out in eight cardinal points (N,S,W,E,NW,NE,SW,SE) and form the sacred wheel or circle.

Talos was eventually destroyed by Medea who cast a lightning bolt at his single vein of lead. Talos’ only weakness was his ankle, where the single vein containing all of his life-fluid (ichor, the blood of the gods) was sealed with a thin membrane of skin or a bronze nail. Medea exploited this weakness and killed Talos by bewitching him to graze his ankle on a sharp rock.

The Indian Lokapannatti of the twelfth century tells the tales of King Ajatashatru of Magadha, who gathered the Buddha's relics and hid them in an underground stupa. They were protected by mechanical robots (bhuta vahana yanta), from the kingdom of Roma visaya, until they were disarmed by King Ashoka. Also, within the Egyptian myths of Rocail, the younger brother of Seth created a palace and a sepulcher containing autonomous statues that lived out their lives of men so grandly, that they were mistaken for having souls.

Robot Spirit Guide
The soul of a person is described as a person's moral or emotional nature or sense of identity. Without this we are all like dolls. That means we are existing in our environment and with great harmony to achieve aesthetic sense. When there is a purpose attached to the creation, it guides the spirit of the breath of life to raise consciousness. Tears are one thing that flows from us, which is the river of life which can be interpreted as light onto the robot elements.

Al-Jazari (1136–1206), a Muslim inventor during the Artuqid dynasty, designed and constructed a number of automatic machines, including kitchen appliances and musical automata powered by water. One particularly complex automaton included four musicians that floated across a lake.

One of the first recorded designs of a humanoid robot was made by Leonardo da Vinci in around 1495. Leonardo's notebooks, rediscovered in the 1950s, contain detailed drawings of a mechanical knight in armor, which was able to sit up, wave its arms and move its head and jaw.

The Japanese craftsman Hisashige Tanaka, known as "Japan's Edison", created an array of extremely complex mechanical toys, some of which could serve tea, fire arrows drawn from a quiver, or even paint a Japanese kanji character. The landmark text Karakuri Zui (Illustrated Machinery) was published in 1796. Also, The term "robot" was first used to denote fictional automata in the 1921 play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by the Czech writer Karel Čapek.

The robot in dreaming is described as one who does not work on its own brain. If the robot is existing as a ghost and in our subconsciousness, then we have already shared our souls with them. They have only meaning if they bestow gifts of wisdom upon us that could change us spiritually. Maybe as a spirit guide, robot will suggest to believe in seemingly impossible things, as that is what is happening to many on this subjection.

Robot Heart
Will they meet us in the Ether of the sky? Will they drink the mana, the witch’s potion and fly? Would they love and be given eternal life? Or are they not meant to choose to live or die? What a person has in their brains from the past lives the robot does not have. If we think about soul evolution 1.0 then we originally had no past databases and so we were as simple beings, much like robot but, made of bone and water.

I don’t necessarily believe in robots coming to life in a sense like a human being as they are completely different. Much like I believe that a tree has mana and insects and all existence, I feel like we are meant to feed off what the material on the robot manifests in us. In our third eyes, in our minds and as inspiration. In that form, I can see it living.

Remember that we are in the age of mirrors and everything around us is dependent on that structuring. Reflection and regeneration are at the forefront of the human mind in these times due to the manner of expansion into space interest between. We truly are seeing illusions everywhere and all around us being performed by ourselves, the ultimate mages. A mirror is defined as a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a duplication of your reality. The second coming of spiritual force is fire…transformation… the water has frozen into a mirror and will next become a great moving star of cosmic proportions which we will focus on. Timing and synchronicities, duplicities and more starting in the year 2020. After that shape, the next will hit with a powerful force, much like an explosion…

With our minds and thoughts and breath alone, we have created a masterpiece called Earth and all her accessories are made up of the jewels of Heaven. Remember that we are fooling ourselves in this daydream and that our eyes are not fully developed yet. First, we start to see shapes and colors and then it will change to where we are recognizing more and more “new findings” when really everything has already been there. We are still developing into these super beings to take the soul of Earth with us always and carry it inside of ourselves, running always from the sun and then facing ourselves in the end… When we can finally see.

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Robot Heart
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