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 The Diabolical Resides on Effie Street

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PostSubject: The Diabolical Resides on Effie Street   Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:49 am

The Diabolical Resides on Effie Street
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations

One of the questions I get the most is..."why did you become a paranormal investigator?"  Well, it all started when I was a little boy living on Effie Street in Fresno, California.  The year was 1962.  We lived in an old duplex on Effie Street, it was a corner house.  I experienced horrible things at this house.  I will describe the paranormal horrors that occurred in order as they happened.

1. The first experience I had at this home was hearing a woman's serene voice calling for me.  She was saying..."Dale, come here."  She was saying this over and over again.  All my life, my parents would call me by my middle name Dale.  This female spirit was also calling me Dale.  I went towards her voice and looked out a window that allows me to see an orange grove.  The voice was coming from the orange grove.  I could not see the woman and got scared and ran to my mother.

2. I was riding my tricycle down the street.  I stayed on the sidewalk and went about 6 houses up the road.  I stopped at one house and looked at the front door.  A man steps out to the porch looks at me and draws a shotgun on me.  I got scared and went home as quickly as possible.  I told my dad and my dad went up to the house and it was discovered that no one lived there.

3. On one night I heard the sound of something rolling on the sidewalk, this sound was at a distance.  The sound kept getting closer and closer.  Finally the sound was right at my bedroom window and it stopped.  My bedroom window opened up half way on it's own.  I looked towards the window and saw a black tea kettle with 4 rollers on the bottom of it. The black tea kettle had a snout and the snout slowly turned towards me and a spray came out.  I was covered in the spray and started hacking and coughing.  The very next day I had a bad case of bronchitis.  

4.  Another night, winged skeleton heads flew into my room, there were about a dozen of them.  I started screaming and my father came into the room and he also had a skeleton head.  Finally he calmed me down and the winged skeleton heads disappeared and my father's face became normal.

5. I was so scared of all the things that were happening to me, I started carrying a bible with me all the time.  I went to the neighbor's dog that was friendly with everyone and started petting him.  All of sudden the dog's features changed and from a friendly dog, he became a vicious dog and severely bit me in the hand.  I was bleeding all over the place.  I ran from the neighbor's house through the orange grove to get to my house.  While running through the orange grove, I could hear the sound of a woman maniacally laughing.

6. On another night, the winged skeleton heads came back in my room and I yelled and started hacking and coughing.  My mother came in half asleep and gave me a teaspoon of poison.  She thought she was giving me cough syrup and had me throw it up.  It scared her to death, she thought she had poisoned me.  

7.  The final incident I was walking in the living room and something came up behind me and pushed me into the heater hard.  I had burn marks all over my legs from this incident.  

My dad received a promotion and before I knew it, we were moving out of the home on Effie Street and moving into a home on Simpson Avenue in Fresno.  The incidents stopped.  As I got older, I wondered if I experienced childhood night terrors or actually experienced the paranormal.  I started reading everything on the paranormal and read many Brad Steiger books.  Little did I know that the knowledge I would gain from Brad Steiger's books would eventually help me become a successful paranormal investigator.
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The Diabolical Resides on Effie Street
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