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 Paul Leaird Witnesses the Magic in Tibet

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PostSubject: Paul Leaird Witnesses the Magic in Tibet   Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:50 am

Paul Leaird Witnesses the Magic in Tibet
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
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My late cousin MSG Paul Leaird was with the US Army 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam during war times. While doing this stint, he was sent over to Tibet by the Department of Defense. The stint would only be for a few days. Paul wouldn’t talk too much about this assignment, but mentioned generically that he was with other elite military forces training guerrilla fighters. Paul mentioned he was sent there by the Department of Defense, but the operation had ties with the CIA. While there, Paul mentioned seeing towering monasteries. As he walked the countryside, the sounds of deafening bells were heard. The sounds of bells and the soothing chanting of monks were a daily thing in Tibet.

Paul mentioned one of the most unique things he experienced and saw in Tibet were the spinning prayer wheels. At Lhasa, he came upon the gorgeous Potala Palace. The Potala Palace is the former Winter residence of the Dalai Lama. The Potala Palace was built in the 7th century. Paul says he was completely blown away by his experiences in Tibet. Paul felt engulfed in magnificence when he came upon the Jokhang Temple and the Sera Monastery. Paul says that he was flooded with a tapestry of images. Images in his mind of the complex history of this land.

When I asked my cousin Paul if he came across a Yeti, the answer was “no”. Paul mentions that the locals definitely believe in the Yeti (the Abominable Snowman) and one local had told Paul that he actually came face-to-face with a Yeti while hiking. The Yeti looked at him strangely and then ran off in the other direction. Paul also mentioned that the people of Tibet definitely believe in ghosts.

Paul went on to say that the Tibetan Buddhists / Monks believe that when a person dies they are emitted into a dimension state of consciousness called the Bardo. While in this dimensional truck stop, it is determined by the higher powers if you are to return to this world reincarnated as a human or as an animal. It was also mentioned that if you were a hunter in this world, that hunted for sport, you may be punished and returned to this world as a hunted animal, such as a deer or rabbit. While on the otherside, some ghosts may reach Nirvana, where they are above all states of embodiment.

According to Wikipedia: “Hungry ghosts have their own realm depicted on the Bhavacakra and are represented as teardrop or paisley-shaped with bloated stomachs and necks too thin to pass food, so that attempting to eat is also incredibly painful. Some are described as having "mouths the size of a needle's eye and a stomach the size of a mountain". This is a metaphor for people futilely attempting to fulfill their illusory physical desires. Sometime individuals have a predominance of hungry ghost in their makeup. They can never get enough, and are always hungry for more. The Tibetan word for the emotional state of the hungry ghost, ser na, literally means "yellow nosed", and could be said to mean "meanness" or "lack of generosity". The person in this state is constantly seeking to consume and to enrich themselves, but can never be satisfied.

A tulpa is a type of ghost or being that is created through mental effort, purely from the thoughts of its creator. A very skilled Buddhist practitioner or sorcerer may have this ability, and in some cases a Tulpa may be created from the collective thoughts of the villagers. Such a ghost is not self-aware at first, but may gradually acquire awareness and go on to become a normal human being.”

A spectacular case of a Tulpa is the case of popular author Walter B. Gibson who wrote and created The Shadow. Walter thought of his creation so much, that the character actually manifested in his home. His visiting guests would see a man lurking around the house, wearing a black fedora hat, black trench coat, red scarf over the lower half of his face. What was also a stand out feature of this character, was his long nose. The guests would be excited and somewhat scared as they thought the entity they were seeing was a home invader or burglar. When the guests described the entity, it surprised Walter, because they were describing The Shadow, his creation.

Paul said that he did not witness any ghosts, but a Green Beret (US Army Special Forces) corporal said that he saw 3 monks talking amongst themselves. The corporal was walking towards the monks and the monks did not pay attention to him. As the monks approached, they walked right through the Corporal. The Corporal was in shock and turned around and the monks had completely vanished. Paul also mentions that he came upon a Tibetan family. The family told him that their youngest daughter was severely ill and they prayed and prayed for her recovery. After one set of prayers a powerful light shown through their window and when the light diminished, they could see a large man in their home. The entity tells the family that his name is Mahakala. Mahakala then approached the daughter, looked at her for a few minutes and then placed his hand on her forehead. After he did this, the light came into the home and overwhelmed the whole family because of the brightness. When the light diminished once again, Mahakala was gone and their daughter was now standing next to her bed and was completely well again. The first thing out of their daughter’s mouth….”I’m hungry!”

Paul tells me that Tibet is a wonderment of mysticism, magic and the paranormal and that Tibet should go onto my bucket list of places I want to visit.
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Paul Leaird Witnesses the Magic in Tibet
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