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 Is Fire a Living Entity?

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PostSubject: Is Fire a Living Entity?   Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:51 am

Is Fire a Living Entity?
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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In 1977, I became a firefighter with the California Division of Forestry (which is now called Cal-Fire). I spent a lot of time training and only fought one fire in the Sierra Mountains. Talking with many of the seasoned firefighters, I learned that many believed that a fire is a type of life force. Fires have the quality of life, they can reproduce, they consume (eat), they grow, they deposit waste, they breathe oxygen. Biologists have actually looked into this theory that fire could be a living entity. Most biologists scoff at the idea that fire can be a living organism, because fire does not have cells. Other scientists make claim that not all living organisms must have cells to be considered a living entity. There could be living intelligent entities that are made up of pure energy. A person on the quantum level is made up of atoms, protons, etc. Atoms and protons are a form of energy. If the soul exists, the soul according to many cultures carries the make-up of our living selves.

The soul may contain our knowledge that we gathered as living human beings and may be able to manifest and when the soul manifests, people say they saw a ghost. Fire is a form of energy, so therefore, fire can be a type of living creature in pure energy form. Many firefighters that I talked to, believed that fire in survival mode, would appear to have intelligence. Fires would seem to have a mind of its own and jump from one tree to another, to escape the wraith of a firefighter. In the true story “Only the Brave” the main firefighter looks upon the fire and verbally challenges it. This movie is based on the true life experiences of the Granite Mountain Hotshots in the Yarnell Hill Fire. Most firefighters that I knew, would talk to a fire as if it was a living thing, of course they would use a few choice words.

My experience in fighting a major fire in the Sierra Mountains is that when I reached the area from our Colfax station, I was amazed on how huge this fire was. The smoke was in the shape of a mushroom cloud. It looked like a nuclear bomb had went off in the mountains. My first assignment was to put out a spot fire. My Captain was yelling at me to distinguish this fire before it became bigger and start consuming an area that we wanted to be in control of. As I tried to put out this spot fire, it seemed to move intelligently. Wherever I went, it seemed to go around me and actually leap from one spot to another spot, as if it wanted to survive. The Captain was yelling at me to get into the xxx damn roots of the fire! As I got closer, I could feel my hair singe and felt the heat on my cheeks. I yelled at the fire to stay put as I tried to extinguish this spot fire. The sound of the fire sounded like maniacal laughter as if it was mocking me. Before I knew it, it jumped behind me and in a matter of seconds there was a wall of flame 20 feet high behind me. I panicked and threw down the water hose and the water hose flew all over. I scrambled to the fire truck, sat on top of it with my arms crossed over each other. I wasn’t bulging from the fire truck. The Captain looked at me and said “get off the xxx damn truck!” I looked at the Captain and gave him my middle finger and said…”F you, I quit!” When I got back to the station the Captain was very nice to me and said…”Paul, being a firefighter is not cut out for everyone, I understand if you are quitting.” That was my first fire I fought and the last fire I ever fought and to this day, I believe the fire I was fighting was a living entity and had a mind of its own. With the unnatural behavior of the fire, I consider this experience as being paranormal, it definitely was not "normal".
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Is Fire a Living Entity?
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