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 Esoteric Crashing Sounds

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PostSubject: Esoteric Crashing Sounds   Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:56 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
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What makes this investigation spectacular is the crashing sounds that were heard by everyone. The crashing sounds were in the beginning of the investigation and at the end of the investigation, during the cleansing. The entities did not want us there! There was no debris from the crashing sounds. What made the crashing sounds? Would I consider this as paranormal? You betcha!

Date to be there: December 8, 2018 Saturday. Time to be there: 1900 Hours / 7pm. Location: Elk Grove, Ca. Activity: Occupant captured an EVP of a man talking. There seems to be a connection for the paranormal activity and the big oak tree in the front yard. Baby crying noises in the backyard, sounds like a baby sucking on a helium balloon and then crying. Daughter has seen apparition of a man. Daughter saw the man dancing in a circle in her bedroom. Light turns off and on. They unlock their car door and the car door will automatically lock. Contact person: Jeri Leigh Smith.

HPI PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS PRESENT: Paul Dale Roberts - Co-Owner; Deanna Jaxine Stinson - Co-Owner - Psychic Medium; Alicia Wall - Psychic; Alaceo "Big Al" Rosatano; Bonnie Muir Waldron -Sensitive. Occupants: Kimberly Aston; Macie Whitten & Jeri Leigh Smith. Special Note: Jeri was once an HPI scout and went to the Ione Hotel scouting expedition.

Kimberly moved into this home in 1999 and almost immediately the paranormal activity started. Lights turned off and on - on their own; baby heard crying in the backyard; one of the daughter's could see the baby as it was being held by an unseen force. The daughter was either 4 or 7 years old at the time. The daughter also saw what looked like pilgrims dancing in her room and holding hands. One of the daughters was chased by a stick figure entity. Stuffed animal was thrown across the room. One time they were leaving the house and the entity locked the occupants in the car and wouldn't let them leave. 3 knocks were heard in the laundry room. During a slumber party the guitar strummed on its own, then later the slumber party participants heard a ghostly pig snorting. The occupant's cat was seen chasing and playing with a ball of light (an orb). Antique lamp light is on, but is unplugged. One of the daughters is touched in her bed and she sees a ghostly finger pointing to her mother's forehead. Growling and grunting was heard at the foot of the bed. ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: CRYING BABY; DANCING PILGRIMS; ELK GROVE STICK FIGURE; SNORTING PIG.

During the 1800s, settlers in their covered wagons came to Elk Grove to farm. They would park their covered wagons by the clump of eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus trees were imported from Australia. They were known to grow fast and would protect the settlers from wind gusts. At some point of time, there was a cholera outbreak and many people died. Some people were buried near and around large oak trees. Could there be an old man that wears a spy glass eye piece be buried by the oak tree? Read below about the SPY GLASS OLD MAN AKA TOM.

First off, before I talk about the investigation, this was a sad day. Onyx - Deanna's tarantula died. Onyx had a lot of personality, if you petted his behind he would wiggle, if you fed him a moth he would do a little dance. He was very affectionate. Deanna was ready to cry and before she could cry, I presented her with another pink toe tarantula named Tinsel. We took a picture of Onyx home and the place where he would sit on top of a log, we captured an orb at that very spot where Onyx would sit. All living things have souls. RIP Onyx. Now to the investigation. Deanna was perking up and smiling as we drove over to the home of Kimberly Aston. So many things happened, I don't know where to begin. I think below, I will do bullet points of the investigation and activity that was witnessed. This may not be in order.

1. One of Kimberly's daughters dreamed of an old man that is buried by the old oak tree out front. The old man wore a spyglass eye piece and it seemed like his name was Tom. What was amazing is that we captured an EVP by the oak tree. We asked the entity what his name was and he says "TOM". ENTITY IDENTIFIED: SPY GLASS OLD MAN AKA TOM.

2. Deanna and Alicia did a walk through in the beginning of the night too see what they could pick up on and they picked up on heavy energy in one of the bedrooms. Deanna picked up a black cat next to her leg and Kimberly confirmed that they once had a black cat named Jasper. Kimberly says that at one time the Berkeley Psychic Institute investigated her home and did a cleansing.

3. While interviewing Kimberly a loud crash resonated from the kitchen. Nothing fell, nothing broke, but everyone in the room heard the crashing sound.

4. Deanna and Alicia did a walk-through and picked up heaviness in one of the bedrooms. It hit them like a ton of bricks, they had a hard time breathing and felt heaviness on their chests.

5. Deanna picked up on what she described as imps with a tail. Deanna detected 2 imps (elementals) in the oak tree, then Alicia saw an imp creature in one of the bedrooms. Kimberly says that at times they hear heavy walking on the roof, could this be the imps? ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: OAK IMPS AND ROOF WALKER IMP.

6. Sometimes the car will lock by itself. Before we came over the front door opened by itself and was witnessed by the occupants. This door is thick and swells during the Winter. Kimberly wonders how this heavy door could open by itself, but somehow it did. The occupants prepared treats and drinks for HPI and while Jeri was preparing the cookies and other assorted snacks, the butter knife moved and was pointing towards her. The butter knife moved on its own accord.

7. While at the investigation, Bonnie's cell phone flew out from her hand. Bonnie did not throw her own phone, it actually came out of her hand while she was holding it and flew across the room. This was witnessed by two other people.

8. Several EVPs were captured. 4 Class A EVPs captured, one was an EVP of a man saying: "Heeeeeeeeeeere", captured by oak tree. Another EVP of a man saying "I died", captured by oak tree. EVP saying "I'm here" captured by oak tree. We asked the entity what his name was and he said "Tom" captured by bedroom window, where Alicia detected a presence. I saw a darting shadow in the bedroom window.

9. During my Roman Catholic house blessing and Deanna's metaphysical cleansing, another crashing sound is heard in the kitchen and nothing was broken and nothing crashed. The entities did not want us to conduct a cleansing.

10. Macie said she felt like she had an attachment and I conducted a full submersion baptism on her. After the baptism, she felt better and said things felt lighter.

11. There was plenty of fog, so we captured many orbs. Some orbs looked like "designer orbs", so I experimented and asked the orbs to appear by Kimberly, Alicia and Deanna's hands on the oak tree. When the photo was taken, a cluster of orbs appeared near their hands. But, since there was so much fog, I will not deem this as paranormal. Inconclusive experiment.

12. Kimberly took a photo of the oak tree and captured what looked like ectoplasm and a swirling vortex.

This was an incredible investigation. Lots of activity. The crashing sounds heard by everyone was just plain creepy. There was just one more strange incident that happened, before we showed up, a dog came out of nowhere and visited this family. They fed the dog and it was in the backyard locked up. When we arrived the dog just left, it peered through the side window at us and then just left. We all thought that was somewhat odd and could not figure how the dog got out of the backyard and the way it looked at us to only vanish into the foggy night.

See More Videos from the Investigation Here:

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Esoteric Crashing Sounds
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