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 Haunted Hospitals

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PostSubject: Haunted Hospitals   Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:16 pm

Haunted Hospitals
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, were recently contacted by a unnamed TV producer that was interested in our paranormal experiences at haunted hospitals.  Here are the stories and a listing of what we experienced.  As a paranormal investigator, I investigated two hospitals. They are:

Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland/Odessa, Texas
I was visiting my son Jason in the hospital, he was suffering from a bladder infection. While he slept, I started investigating:

1. I interviewed the nurses and every nurse I talked to had a paranormal experience. One nurse who worked in the hospice area said that she walked out of a room and heard a loud noise, she returned to the room, only to see the mattress turned upside down and on the floor.

2. While on the bottom floor, I witnessed a man in a blue robe walking slowly on the floor. The man was very old and frail and had a walking device. As I was watching this man, I saw him make a right where the door was and he walked right through the door. When I got up to investigate, he was gone, vanished.

3. I obtained an EVP of a man saying: “I feel better now.”

4. While I was writing and taking notes, I felt a cold icy hand on top of my hand, this lasted for about 5 minutes.

5. While at the hospital, I was eating a small bag of Cheetos and something grabbed the bag and squeezed it, breaking my Cheetos apart. I got the idea that the entity or entities did not want me to bother them and they were letting me know. I had to go outside for a while to gather my thoughts and composure. After that incident, I left the entities alone.

Sonoma Hospital
1. We captured an EVP of people screaming in the basement.

2. One of the investigators captures a face in the window of the hospital. The hospital is abandoned, so no one should be on the 2nd floor looking out the window.

Deanna worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and below are her experiences (in her own words):

1. I was a CNA in Deer Lodge Montana for three years

2. I worked night shift at a health care facility that was built in the 70's.

3.I had one hall to myself to answer call lights and check on residents all night long.

4. Many of the residents would stay up late with me and talk about their stories of loved ones that had passed and their lives and beliefs. I believe this helped to open up portals in the facility.

5. One room at the end of the hall on the left side had a patient in it that was immobile. Frequently, the call light would flash above the door and I would walk in there and wake up the person and they would say no I did not ring it. They would leave, a new patient would enter and the same thing would keep happening. Finally, I was so frustrated that I told the girl that worked on the other hall about it. I told her please come check with me one night when it was literally constant like every twenty minutes. She went and turned it off and then she explained to me because she worked there a few years ago before I did. She said look its room 13. The 13th room there not supposed to put thirteen rooms in a hospital! I said but it has 114 on it and she said no this is the odd side and I saw what she was saying, every number was odd except for hers. IT seemed like after that discovery the ringing died down.

6. A girl that worked the night shift on my hall on my days off was complaining and saying she didn't want to work on that side anymore. I don't know if she knew about that room but, she was complaining and saying that she was seeing ghosts but then people were making it out like she was mentally ill so I didn't mention anything.

7.Her mother was the head of our department and she had native heritage so they called in people to drum and sage the place in the day time with the residents there. It was a healing ceremony. After that, I actually sensed it die down for a small bit but then this one resident was getting very restless at night.

8. They were terrified and they would never go to sleep. I started asking questions about why and the person would say there was chickens making noise all night and the next time it would be sounds of someone scratching the door and then the next night it was someone cooking things in the kitchen but that was closed for the night.

9. One resident always looked so terrified that they would not even speak. Residents passed away there at least monthly and so there was always an air of sadness about the facility. It was a serious vibe but the directors would always try to cheer people up.

10. Sometimes the kitchen staff would leave the kitchen unlocked and that means that no one was in there and only one of us at a time could go to break, so I would go in there but I kept seeing shadows of a man and we had only women on shift and one time I Was like is that the cook when I first started working there and they laughed because they said kitchen never works that late and i would just walk in there and ask for things because I thought someone was in there and then I would turn around and they would be gone.

11.The business was running out of money or something because there was a lot of talk about another business was going to be coming through and purchasing the place. They said we could all most likely keep our jobs and there was people that would constantly come in and monitor us and not even speak only maybe one or two things and they all seemed very timid and shy. I'm not sure who they were they wore business suits and professional outfits.

12. So we would run out of things towards the end like even band-aids or cups or something and I was sent over many times across the street to the hospital ER and I was always a little on edge to go because it is so dark in Montana because there isn't much light pollution and there was only a couple people at the ER as well. It was very silent and eerie. I always saw shadows darting out of the front and I would think it was a real person for a moment but, it wasn't.

13. One time I thought that a resident was trying to leave because he was by the door and I thought he must be from the other hall because I didn't recognize him and I was trying to convince him to go back inside because he somehow knew the codes to the door. Well I couldn't convince him after several minutes, so I went to go get the nurse and when I came back he was gone and the other girl from the other hall was like he wants to go home and I literally didn't understand until she explained the person I was talking about died the week before during the morning time.

14. Frequently when people died on night shift we were to clean them up and wait for them to come with the stretcher in the morning so the family also maybe could see them first depending on what they said. So the body would stay there all night long. We would all be so quiet around them because they would always instill in us that the hearing is the last sense to go before a person dies so they could look dead but they could still hear.

15. A patient in the first room who was there the day I started, was always so kind and nice and everyone's favorite, because he was so positive. He stopped taking his blood pressure medicine a few days before because of some side effect or complication but the family was very worried and the daughter just knew something was going to happen and she was in for days every day so concerned. So, we all were very mindful to check on him extra more. HE was in the first room so it wasn't that much of a chore. HE was fine on all my rounds but right when I was getting ready to do more rounds instead of reversing at the end I did it opposite because I Was getting this worry about him. I went to walk into the room and I felt someone walk and push right past my shoulder like they were bumping into me I could physically feel but no one was there! It was a mans figure. I walked in and he had blood all around him on the hospital floor and I knew that was his soul that had got up and walked from there. That's about the time I moved on from being a CNA.

I will give you one more haunted hospital story.  This story originates from one of my employees, named Sally Howard.  Here is her story:

(In her own words):
My good friend Ruth received a call from her sister who lived in Reno. Her youngest daughter moved to Sacramento with her not so nice boyfriend. One day he phoned the Mother and said that Sherry was very sick, and he being the Jerk that he was, told the parents to come get her. He didn't want to clean up her mess- throwing up etc. So Ruth asked me to drive her so she could check Sherry. Her parents were driving down from Reno that day. I was glad to take Ruth but I didn't want to go inside the house since we didn't know if she had the flu, plus I had my youngest daughter and Ruth's little nephew with us. So we stayed in the car, parked right in front of the house and waited patiently. After awhile I looked at the front door and I saw Sherry leaning up next to it with a quiet smile on her face. I waved at her and not long after Ruth came to the car. I said to Ruth that Sherry must have been feeling better since she was up and came to the door to look out. Ruth responded saying that Sherry was in such bad shape she couldn't move from the couch to even go to the bathroom!! I will always remember seeing her, clear as day standing there leaning back on the door in her gown. She looked peaceful. Sherry's parents did pick her up and took her back to Reno and put her in Washoe Medical Hospital where her mom was an RN nurse. Sherry passed away the next day there in the hospital. I guess she was saying goodbye to me that day...
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Haunted Hospitals
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