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 My Association with Professor Josef Allen Hynek

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PostSubject: My Association with Professor Josef Allen Hynek   Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:59 pm

My Association with Professor Josef Allen Hynek
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
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I have recently been watching the new 10 part TV series called Project Bluebook on the History Channel. Aidan Gillan from the Game of Thrones plays the role of J. Allen Hynek and I love his portrayal of this legendary scientist. The History Channel is one of my favorite channels and I will find myself watching: Vikings; The Curse of Oak Island; Ancient Aliens; Six; Ice Road Truckers; Gangland Undercover; In Search of; Life After People; Hatfields and McCoys; Stan Lee’s Superhumans; History’s Mysteries; Monsterquest; UFO Files. I know, that’s a lot of shows. In fact I was acknowledged in the credits for Monsterquest’s Mothman Episode. So, I do have a connection with this incredible channel. I recently read a Facebook post written by Sherry Steiger (the wife of the late Brad Steiger). Sherry is enthusiastic to see if they will keep to the truth with Project Bluebook. Sherry has a strong connection to Josef Allen Hynek. Sherry was once contracted with Professor Hynek.

When I read this post, the first thought was…..”wow, this is truly a small world”. I have my own connection with Professor Hynek. In 1976, I had a telephone conversation with Professor Hynek. You’re probably wondering why. In the Summer of 1976, I was living in an apartment in Sacramento with my then girlfriend Helen Lang. On one hot evening, Helen came running into the apartment, she was hysterical. I asked her what was wrong? She told me that she saw a UFO that was only 200 feet above her head. She was so scared, she started crying. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me and I told her that if she saw what she said she saw, she will go with me to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and file a report. She agreed to go and when we arrived at the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, the police gave her the phone number to the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). Helen made her report over the phone and we went home.

Helen and I, were having our ups and downs in regard to our relationship. After Helen made that report, we broke up 3 days later. Professor Hynek called me during the time that Helen and I, separated. Professor Hynek wanted to speak to Helen and at the time, I didn’t know where Helen was. I remembered everything Helen told me and remembered her description of the UFO. I gave Professor Hynek all of the information that Helen gave me and he was very appreciative.  Dr. Hynek asked me what I was doing at the time, I told him that I was watching TV.  In fact I was watching Dick Van Dyke's The Comic and the TV went into static mode.  Dr. Hynek explained to me that this was common.  When UFOs are near TVs or radios, they will cause electrical items to go into static mode or shut off completely.  A couple days later, I picked up the Sacramento Bee and Helen’s UFO story was in the Bee. Come to find out 2 other people saw the very same UFO in 2 different locations of Sacramento.

The only reason I was so skeptical about Helen’s sighting is because I told her about my own UFO experience in 1974 – Fort Jackson / Columbia, South Carolina. I was walking with 2 other soldiers in the town of Columbia when all of a sudden we saw 6 glowing blue disks flying in V formation. We looked at each other in shock and one of the soldiers says “geese?” I looked at him and said…”and why would geese be in the shape of a disk and be glowing blue?” The other soldier said…”f---- UFOs!!” The UFOs dispersed at an incredible speed and went separate ways in an erratic manner. We were astonished at what we saw. We went back to the base and the MPs thought we were drunk and did not believe our story. I figured since I related this story to Helen, she was making up her own UFO story. I learned from the newspaper article that there were 2 other witnesses to the UFO. Helen’s story was true.
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My Association with Professor Josef Allen Hynek
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