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 Linden Wendigo

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PostSubject: Linden Wendigo   Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:56 am

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
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Voices from the Dark - by Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Time to be there: January 26, 2019, Saturday / Date to be there: 1400 Hours.  Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, are invited to investigate a home where they see shadow figures moving about, the cross that they had hanging on the wall is turned upside down. The cross was nailed to the wall. Investigation and cleansing. Address to be at: Stockton CA. Occupants: Carol Copeland & Elizabeth Glaros.  


Arriving to this home, I might want to call this a ranch, than a home.  It sits on acres of land and you can feel the history that resonates on this land.  The ranch is actually a duplex.  The other half of this duplex is empty, because the family that lived in this part of the duplex set it on fire for insurance purposes.  The family with Hispanic origins was rumored to dabble with Santeria.  On the good side of this duplex where Carol and Elizabeth live, they have a few entities.  Deanna, a medium psychic picked up on a WHITE HAIRED GRANNY.  The White Haired Granny ghost was plump, wore a white robe, has white hair and is very old.  Carol validated Deanna's sighting and said there is indeed a WHITE HAIRED GRANNY hanging around the house.  Deanna picked up on the DARK HAIRED GUY.  The Dark Haired Guy ghost is light skinned, has dark hair, wearing a red flannel shirt, brown boots, jeans and doing a jig at the front door.  Carol validated that there is indeed a dark haired male entity in the house.  On the bad side of the duplex is THE THREATENING SILVER GUN MAN.  This may be some kind of residual haunting.  Deanna sees a man with a silver gun, who is very angry.  This man is yelling, screaming and is yelling..."I'm going to show them!"  The next thing is where the Santeria came to play.  Did the family that lived here, summon a Wendigo demon?  Deanna picked up on a demonic entity with antlers.  Is this a Wendigo?  Carol says that on her security camera, they picked up on a Wendigo type of entity.  Deanna said the Wendigo showed her a silver medallion and indicated he was bound to this home.  It would make sense that a Wendigo would be attached to this home if Santeria was practiced here.  See the Mark Kilroy case in which a Santeria cult kidnapped him on Spring break.  The cult tortured him, murdered him and cannibalized him.  Wendigos are associated with cannibalism.  See more on Mark Kilroy here:

Carol and Elizabeth moved into this home in August of 2013.  They picked up on paranormal activity immediately.  They encountered the DARK HAIRED GUY, who at the time was wearing overalls.  The metallic cross in the hallway turned upside down on its own.  They heard whispering, they heard disembodied yelling.  Dishes flew out of the cabinet.  Some bathroom shower items moved around and flew off a shelf.  Their dogs would look at things as if something was there, and the dogs would become agitated.  The house was built in the early 80s. Elizabeth has been touched by an entity.  When we went into the bad side of the duplex, we saw a bird inside in distress and he constantly was flying into the window to escape.  Was this some kind of omen telling us there was a history of dread in this part of the home?  Carol opened up the back door and the bird managed to escape from its confinement.  Deanna picked up on an image of a man holding a knife.  Carol explains to us that serial killers known as the Speed Freak Killers terrorized Linden.  They are suspected of murdering up to 72 people.  The Speed Freak Killers murdered a man near this duplex home.  Is it possible that the horror these killers brought to Linden has a residual haunting effect upon this home?  Deanna thinks so, because the image of the man with the knife was very clear in her mind.  See more on the Speed Freak Killers here:

As I investigated the bad side of this duplex, I saw human fingers on the ceiling beam.  The human fingers wiggled and moved up and down.  When I stopped looking through the night vision goggles, I no longer saw the fingers.  When I saw the fingers, I became very dizzy.  When I went to my car, I heard footsteps behind me and when I turned around, there was no one there.  EVPs captured:  EVP of a man saying:  "Go Away!"  Deanna picked up on Native American energy near a ranch post in the backyard.  The EVP is of a man chanting and it sounded like Native American Indian chanting.  We learn that at one time Carol played around with a Ouija Board in which a woman Native American Indian came through.  In San Joaquin County, where this home is, we learned that the Yokuts Indian tribes lived here and they were known for their chanting.  GHOST IDENTIFIED:  YOKUTS CHANTER.  The 3rd EVP we heard growling, could this be the Linden Wendigo?  The 4th EVP, I asked if there was anything dark here and the entity said "Dark".  When I walked in the kitchen area, the kitchen chair pulled out in front of me, almost tripping me.  Was the chair hooked on something, causing it to pop out like that, or was it paranormal?  I am not sure.  Deanna encountered the EYE FLASHER ghost boy in the bathroom area of the bad part of the duplex.  The boy had blondish brown hair and his eyes would change from red to green to black.  In the basement close to this bathroom we found the ripped off head of a teddy bear.  Did the teddy bear once belong to the boy?  Deanna picked up on the ORCHARD WOMAN.  This woman looked to be around 50 years old, strawberry blonde hair, wearing a robe, walking silently towards an orchard.  The Orchard Woman references to the sun setting.  

The perfect EVP happens next when we go into the Cat Room.  The Cat Room of course has the family pet cats.  Deanna tells me she sees an entity that is counting the origami that hangs from the ceiling.  She hears the entity counting.  I started an EVP session.  I say..."if you are counting, 1, 2, 3, I want to hear it!"  The entity says "here" and then says..."1, 2, 3."  A totally intelligent EVP.  It was absolutely amazing!  The more and more I investigate haunted places, the more I seem to be picking up on esoteric activities.  While investigating the Linden Wendigo area of the bad side of the house, I felt something tugging on me from the back and I felt like I slid backwards a few inches, as if someone grabbed the back of my collar and pulled me.  Very weird, I didn't mention it during the investigation, because it was too darn weird.  If you ask me if this house is haunted.  You better believe it!   Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing of the home and I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing with Elizabeth.  This was an amazing investigation.  

Special Note: Carol and Elizabeth own a parrot and when we were laughing, the parrot mocked us with his own laughter.  That was somewhat eerie.  The parrot's laughter, actually sounds like human laughter.
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Linden Wendigo
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