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 Common Symbols in Spirit Communication for Mediums

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PostSubject: Common Symbols in Spirit Communication for Mediums   Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:10 am

Common Symbols in Spirit Communication for Mediums
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


These symbols are meant for interpretation for those with psychic medium abilities. The reason that I am using these specific ones is that they have been most common for me and that I have noticed other mediums using before frequently as well. While most symbols have definite universal meanings, I am going to share with you the interpretations that I use and have been validated on.

Please take into mind that it is best to speak out your vision as even though we have built this language with the spirit world, sometimes it is actually a literal interpretation or memory. Pay attention to the overall picture and emotion for those with empath abilities. A vision of you reading a letter, is about receiving a specific message for example while a spirit waving and showing you something in your head is most often a memory.

Now sometimes spirits can communicate the same way in dreams. Those with even the most minute of psychic abilities or people with none are prone to being visited by ghosts as well, however the interpretations in the dream realm differ in that they are more focused on direct healing of grief or danger.

To see feathers in your vision is a good sign that angels are near and also protecting spirits. It is a showcase of angelic presence. I see them frequently after summoning angels and other helpers. Here they are broken down into color associations.

Red- Courage, comfort, financial stability

Orange- Attraction and success

Yellow- To remain lighthearted, solar energy and friendships

Green- Good luck, prosperity, good health

Blue- Communication, trust, inspiration, truth, intuition

Purple- Spirituality, connecting to the upper worlds

Pink- Unconditional love, love heals all

White- Faith and protection

Black- Protection from evil forces about

Gold- Fortune, fate, high angels

Brown- Home, Earth, family blessings

Silver- Cosmic moon energy, divine emotions, mother energies

Grey- Balance, peace and neutral grounds

Sure enough, the most common thing I receive visions of is flowers. A lot of times I find that it is in the beginning as the spirit is trying to reference a specific time, holiday, occasion or celebration. Those with good intentions usually like to throw in beautiful memories to start the healing because by focusing on the reality of nature blooming and fading I believe it is easier to be in the right frame of mind, while they are signaling how everything is natural and the way which life works.

The flower of love is the rose. Rose has many meanings depending on the color. Red is for true love. Count the numbers because a dozen is more intense than one. Pink is for romance, the announcement of a female birth, cheering a friend up. Orange is for passion, enthusiasm and accomplishment. Yellow is for friendship, joy and getting well. Green roses stand for fertility, abundance and good luck. Blue is a sign that heaven is near, birth of a male or the impossible. Purple is for enchantment, dark magic and divine beauty. Black stands for all the beauty in death.

I always see lilies to symbolize the spring time. A purple one is about royalty, grace and a gentle spirit. A white one is for purity and power. Daisy can also stand for purity but, more of a younger sense. Sunflower is the solar flower so, we see this with deep spiritual faith and strength. Iris can stand for a deep royal faith too. Peony can give us a hint at romance. Orchid displays admiration and fragility. Tulip is love and confidence. Lotus symbolize ascension and rebirth, all shades differ. Water Lily tells us of resilience, divinity and enlightenment.

While there are many other flowers in the world and some you may be shown depending on the cultural backgrounds, favor or location of the spirit energy, these are the most common ones that I have been shown. Keep in mind that there are approximately 400,000 different kinds in the world.

OK so relationships are basically symbolized by the heart. So there are already so many different types of icons that we can use to tell the different energies being portrayed. The base is usually the size and color. So, if the color is red it is romantic. The bigger it is, the greater the feeling. Black I have seen dealing with untimely deaths or tragic circumstances, someone that experienced addiction or pain. Orange is for a bright and joyful person. Yellow is a good friendship. Green is good fortune or healthy person and blue is a heavenly love, while purple is enchanting, charming, spell bound and divine. Gold and silver are both godlike with silver meaning more of a feminine way.

If the heart is simple it represents purity and easy emotion. If it has a crown on, then it means loyalty. One with a halo represents holy love. With wings, the heart will say I have ascended to heaven. White wings are most common of angelic protection and you can basically use the feather guide for other colors. A broken heart would mean a devastation, loss or extreme grief. A heart on fire is about transformation in the spiritual planes. A frozen heart suggests numbness, unwillingness to deal with challenges and also feeling unloved.

All heart energy can be manifested in our auras as well so we can project our spiritual force into other realms. So, it is good to imagine healing your heart over with a green light, and also the hearts of the deceased as well because as much as they send us messages, we do the same subconsciously as well.

Life VS Death
So if a person being contacted is passed you will receive memories and then symbols for the present and future. If the person is still alive, you will receive real time visions and locations, a lot will be displayed as shadows or something dark and mysterious. The dead person will also be more interactive than the living.

Sunlight is a notion of happiness, success, joy

Rain is a feeling of sadness, healing and grief

Thunder is a representation of a sudden death or thought

Lightning says enlightenment

Darkness says lost soul

Stars in the sky say divine guidance

Clouds depending on color and position speak on luck, change and hidden knowledge

So the road, a path or tracks can symbolize a persons journey through life and how they took it. So if you see someone driving dangerously on the road it can say that the person lived fast. If it is someone walking a path, hiking, mountain it symbolizes a spiritual journey. A train is a fateful destination. A subway is one that involves many others destinies entwined.

Pay attention is there passengers along or is this the person the passenger. This speaks on control. If someone else is in control it will represent the expression of how the soul felt. If they are driving, it means they felt fully in control of the situations.

There are so many numbers of course and they are all important. Pay attention to patterns, synchronization, repeating numbers or dates representing time. They can actually be clues to mysteries surrounding the persons death and also help to discover new truths.

This means pay attention to the number of items you see everywhere in visions. Is there two drinks on the bed? A person wearing seven rings? A clock sounding a specific amount of times? This can all be attributed to the energy a spirit is going to convey.

For visions that come across as time patterns, pay attention to what time of day. For example, if you are seeing everything in threes it could be alluding to three p.m. which seems to go on repeatedly in the spirits mind due to a dramatization at the hour. It can allude to practically anything as numbers rule our lives. So make sure to work hand in hand with alternating items nearby and if the number sticks out as a subconscious message you can find interpretations on the world wide web.

Common Symbols in Spirit Communication for Mediums
I hope this helps on your journey of strengthening yourself as a medium. Even if you have only had dreams as well, you can communicate with the energy of those who have passed on and heal from these messages. Since energy does not die, it only transforms, there will be may chances to come into contact again and again.

Work on developing your skill as often as you can, in order to research every single symbol that you receive. Because I have been writing and working through my dreams since a small child, it has given me an upper hand in understanding spirit messages. It is literally learning a new language.

Some abilities can be weakened by inactivity, so prepare to train yourself to keep them. Also always start and end with a protection prayer and a simple word to the universe that you wish only to communicate with energy of a positive, heavenly and healing nature. This way, negative energy will not seep in and turn everything in your head to chaos. The spirits will work with your understanding of symbols and you can expand messages the more that you take time to learn and practice.
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Common Symbols in Spirit Communication for Mediums
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