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 Ghost Charm

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PostSubject: Ghost Charm   Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:59 am

Ghost Charm
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

Name: Story: Half Yorkshire Terrier/Half Australian Terrier - formerly known as Shiloh. †New Edition to the Roberts/Stinson Family. †Story is our newest Canine Paranormal Investigator. †
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It seems like certain people or places are magnets to ghosts. They attract the haunted to them so easily. Sometimes it is a personís psychic abilities, perhaps an act of violence bound the unnatural or maybe there are certain characteristics which draws them in.

So, here we find the ghost charm from which the world binds energies. It is as elegant as a precious metal bejeweled in beauty and immortality. A chain some wear around them like jewelry. It is a sparkle, a warm fire to a cold soul, a decadent dessert so hard to resist, a trinket formed by the hands of an artist.

Glittery auras spark the night, alchemist transforming dark to light and who is the wizard with all this might but, the nurturer of the land and sky. Who keeps in align all the stars by sea, land and memory? Maybe it is you or maybe me?

There are those in the world who are born gifted. They have natural abilities to see, feel and hear the departed and other sacred energy. The reason they are here is to heal the aura, spirit and heart. Naturally, they have the allure which brings the broken to them to be mended.

People who partake in magics, whether it be dark or white know that their wishes are aided by the same invisible forces that feed on their vibes. A witch knows how to properly call on the forces that be to carry out her intentions. Obviously, someone who has a tendency towards a specific belief set will attract spirits around them who prefer the same environment.

The land is marked with wounds in some places due to intense significant events which have played out. These situations are so traumatic that it is hard for the human brain to comprehend them, so the spirit will come back in a new form to try to understand properly in order to let go and move on.

Crystals, oils, colors, dress and style all play an important part in this charm we hold over certain people. The same is true for the undead. A properly dressed gentleman from the turn of the century is probably going to prefer hanging around a classy woman more than others. It has to do with the way that we carry ourselves, the way scents trigger certain people and naturally, our overall energy contributes to what we manifest.

Our ancestors hold strong to their families. To the first memories imprinted on us from our homes, relatives and destiny. We have a certain bond with particular souls, cultures and lifestyles. We hold onto genetic memories deep within our brains subconsciously and so through several lifetimes, we have already bonded with certain members who are alive, will be or have been before. We gravitate towards wanting to warn or protect those who remind us of ourselves.

Reenactments are known to put ghosts into a certain head space. That is because performance is a powerful message put together through history, time and art. It is a visionary force that takes a life of its own. Certain people are born to manifest these shows and some are so spectacular that they have fans forever.

Earthly scents are known to attract earth bound spirits. That is because it is the element which rules over them. However, musky dusty places can also invite a ghost as it is an indicator to them that they will not be disturbed continuously. Some though, are attracted to things which caused them delight during their lives such as rose, baking scents and perhaps the aroma of a cigar.

Certain people tend to isolate themselves. Ghosts like the peace and quiet as they seek solitude as well. Those who have addiction issues, depression or are passive tend to manifest negative energy and perhaps protective as well. They are easily influenced and so the ghost tends to feel more powerful in their kinship together. Someone that will not stick up for themselves is a ideal candidate to be haunted as well because the ghost can count on having a long-term source of energy to absorb.

Ghost Charm
The search for ghosts starts with the power of Earth. Wherever she has been uncovered, remodeled and transformed seems to cause a traumatic shock in her auric field and a tendency towards defensive action. We adorn ourselves with the jewels and treasures from her grounds and she seeks them back with authority.

Though we may find that some messages are seemingly spoken through the air, it is a form of communication which she tries to reach us with. The Earth is a great creature which heals herself to continue on for great lengths of time. A holy monster who will not be put to sleep by the power of anyone small and meek. She collects bones and stones to eat and absorb for her purposes, not ours.

The ghost charm is set now into our flesh and the odor is intriguing to the dead. For as we smell the corpses rotting, they too can sense that which is not of their world. A baptism by Christ, or one by the Devil, either way we were born to trespass onto places to which we were never invited, because we are unknown to the spirit world as we are renewed and we face the consequences of the wild.
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Ghost Charm
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