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 Bloody Knuckles

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PostSubject: Bloody Knuckles   Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:17 pm

When my daughter was about 14 she slept in the room adjacent to mine, head boards would be against each other separated by a wall. If there were any screaming or pounding I would have heard it, so I thought. She woke in the morning with bloody knuckles and a sore throat from as she says screaming all night and pounding and clawing at the spirits that were holding her down in her bed while a small figure perched at the foot of the bed. She is or never was one for exaggeration and is a straight forward thinking logical person.

Very intelligent, I mean every award including state awards for the highest grade point average and the academic achievement award as well, so you see not one that would dream this and not even admit to it. I believe because I saw her hands and heard her voice. She was terrorized all night by several spirits while one rather small and mangled creature watched in a guard like stance. We changed rooms with her that day. Later in life she dated a man who she would call husband now. He drew all kinds of things, one in which he showed her in a book of his work, he said he saw this creature when he was younger on his bed and he was frightened of it so badly he felt compelled to draw it. It was a demon he said.

This was the same in every way that she had described to me what was perched on the foot of her bed. Happenstance? My husband experienced a rise off the bed and a hard drop, the orb shooting through his body and the sonic boom he heard was enough to move into another bedroom and close the room off permanently! But that's another story, isn't it.

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PostSubject: Re: Bloody Knuckles   Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:05 pm

Very strange story. The demons were weird enough ( and , of course, very scary ), but then to marry a man who experienced the same thing is really odd. Reading this makes me want to read a bit into demonology. I wonder what the demons wanted and if dealing with them somehow drew the girl and her husband-to-be together without them knowing.
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Bloody Knuckles
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