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 Baby Ghost

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PostSubject: Baby Ghost   Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:15 am

My wife and i moved into a house in feb 2003. i had bought the house from a lady who's daughter used to live there until 1999 when she got married and moved to texas. the house had been setting empty for about 3 years and needed

alot of cleaning so me and my wife moved in and got to work fixing the place up. on about the 3rd day of being in the house my wife was in the basement cleaning that afternoon and i was upstairs hooking up the satilite. she had been cleaning about an hour or so when she came upstairs to ask me what i did with her bottle of cleaner? i told her i did'nt get her cleaner she just forgot where she set it down. she said she was just useing it in the basement and had not been anywhere else. we looked high and low but never found it. a week or so later she woke me up and said she heard kids laughing and could'nt go to sleep. (we have no children) i told her i did'nt hear anything that she was crazy and to go back to sleep.

A few day's later my sister came to stay the week with us as she often does because her husband is a truck driver and she doesn't like to be alone. the 2nd night my sister was in the house she woke me up and said she kept hearing children laughing. i thought she was as crazy as my wife so i went in the bedroom with her. after about 10 minutes of sitting in the bedroom with her i to heard laughing from what sounded like children. i just thought it was strange and went on about my business. about 3 weeks after this happened i woke up in the middle of the night about 3:00 am to what sounded like a baby crying. by now i was used to all the strange sounds and i did'nt pay it much mind. as i tried to go back to sleep the crying got much louder almost like the baby was in the same room with me. by this
time it was so loud it woke my wife. so i got up to see if i could find where the noise was comming from. as i walked in the livingroom the crying stopped and i smelt something burning. i looked around and saw that a lamp on the floor was smoking and the cord that ran to it had melted onto the carpet. there is no doubt had i not woke up this would have caught fire and burnt down the house with us in it.

After this event i felt compelled to call the lady i had bought the house from. when i told her of all the strange things happening in the house she was stunned. she told me that her daughter's husband and 3 kids had been killed in a car wreck in 1997. she said her daughter did'nt want the house after this because of the memories. i checked out her story and it's all true. the children were 5 year old girl a 3 year old boy and a 7 month old baby girl. my wife and i still live in this house and still hear the kids often. since we don't have children we kinda consider them like our own. and they still like to play pranks on key's missing.....light's flipping off and on....things disappering.
my only complaint is i can't file them on my
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Baby Ghost
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