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 Living well Together

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PostSubject: Living well Together   Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:27 pm

This is not a scary or very fancy story but it is mine.

I have a large house in Maine- I use to live there year round- when I first moved in back in 1976 I use to hear all sorts of noises- after further investigation - I found out that some of the sounds ( pacing in the room above ) was from a woman named Minnie Coffin who died tragically trying to put out a chimney fire in 1881- then one day I heard a woman crying - I felt a great loss - I saw a small built woman wearing a black skirt, white shirt with a black sweater and wearing a black kerchief with fringes- the kitchen door opened then closed ( I was alone in the house) realizing what just happened I ran out to the road thinking that this poor woman lost her way - no one was there.

I know it wasn't Minnie as I still hear her pacing - I would hear someone running up & down the stairs- these steps belong to children (a brother & sister )- We all live very well together - when the children get too rambunctious I tell them to calm down - they listen ( sometimes). There are others in the house but they are not as strong as Minnie & the kids - I have not heard the crying woman since - Perhaps she was crying because it was her time to move on and she was just sad- I will never know-

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Living well Together
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