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 Strange Figure

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PostSubject: Strange Figure   Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:00 am

Hi, I am Scott I. and am 14 right now. I live in Portland Oregon and I will tell you about the strange ghostly experiences that I have had in my previous house about 4 years ago. One story that I could remember very clearly is this. My family and me had a camp out in the living room with the tent and everything. We had the T.V. on so we could watch it during the night when we go to bed. It was on a Saturday at about 11:30 PM when I went to bed. My dad stayed up though and continued to watch T.V. He had a can of beer out and drank it that night. The next morning when my dad got up to make breakfast, he couldn't find the can to throw away. So, he went up to the coffee table he set it on and found it ripped in two under the coffee table. It had a clean slice to it. It had no trace of dog marks on it since my dogs severely chew things up and it had no teeth marks. It was perfectly round still just in 2 pieces.

Another incident was conincidentally, I always slept walk, I never knew I did, but my parents saw me alot. Sometimes I went downstairs and I was screaming. I woke up my parents and I was crying. My parents asked me "why?" but I didn't answer, I just cried and screamed and eventually stopped and went up to bed like nothing happened. I sometimes walked downstairs and noticed myself watching the T.V. But I went to bed upstairs and my parents always made sure that I was tucked in upstairs, so I thoght that it was quite odd that I sat upright on the couch and I found myself that I had turned on the T.V. watching some weird show, so I turned it off and thought nothing of it.

Sometimes, since we had alot of magnets on the refrigerator, they shot out from underneath the fridge and sliverwear fell off of the counters even when they were definitely on the counter not close to an edge. We had chairs
that rocked, paper get shredded, and other weird incidents.

The weirdest one is just finding myself afraid of the stairs going to my bedroom. When you first enter the kitchen, you go to the end of it, then there is a door in front of you and a door to your right, the one to the right is the upstairs room....When you enter it, it turns immediately up narrow small stairs and above the first stair is a balcony that looks over the backyard which connects the attic with the other dark attic. I don't know whether I saw something there when I was littler, but I was terrified of it.

I would refuse to go up the stairs alone and would not go up even if I had a dog right by me looking one way as I looked up. It felt as if something was watching you when you were going up all the way to my bedroom, which you
could still see onto my bed from the balcony. I always got chills and I heard sounds all of the time. Sometimes, I even just have a feeling that it is there next to me and is going to get me. I have on some occasions jump down
my whole flieght of stairs, not touching one stair and landing painfully on the linollium floor. It gets you even more frightened too since you jump so far you could touch the balcony if you wanted if you jumped like that , I don't know if I had a demon, or dark soul there, because I always just missed the soul and saw dark figures just pass the balcony to the "Dark Attic". I don't know if it was exorcist or some being of evil or something, but it scares me to death now and I never would want to feel that again since I have dealt with that "starring" feeling from the balcony for 12 years. I want to wonder if anyone else has had that feeling and if anyone knows if it is bad or good?

Scott I.
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Strange Figure
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