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 Two Different Ghost Sightings

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PostSubject: Two Different Ghost Sightings   Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:05 am

#1When I was 6 or 7 my dog Lilly and I were playing in my living room.We have a play room connected to the living room(just so you know.).That was when I looked toxards the playroom door(which is clear glass)and saw what I thought to be my Papa Frank who had died the Christmas before standing at the door,at the same time Lilly barked annd barked at the playroom door as if someone was there.I really think it wasn't a someone it was a ghost!

#2(My house is built on a battlefeild of the Revolutionary War)It was a Friday night in the middle of summer and I woke up because it had suddenly become very cold and the A/C was of so I went into my mom's romm where it was always a little bit on the warm side and went to sleep.I woke up an hour later because it had gotton really,really cold even though the A/C was of still and saw a noticable yet hard to see a light in the corner that then took form of a man wearing a war uniform.I did everything I could do to make sure I wasn;t sleeping,I wasn't!After what seemed to be an hour and was really five minites I got out of my mom's bed because I was scared.It suddenly disapeared!!!!

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Two Different Ghost Sightings
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