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 Missing Her Mother

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PostSubject: Missing Her Mother   Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:32 am

Hi, my name is Amber and Ive written a few of my experiences down for you before, this one is one that my mother told me about last night. This story happened a few days ago. Now for a little background. My mother lives in a small town in Washington state called Goldendale. She lives just outside the town itself, in a new mobile home that she rents from my husbands recruiter and his wife. My younger brother, and his girlfriend and their son are staying with her for a while, her health isnt great. My nephew is 4 yrs old. He is central to this story. They are the only four people in the house.

The other night, my mother, brother, his girlfriend, and their son, wre in the living room watching tv after dinner. My nephew was sitting on the floor in the frontroom, coloring. He glanced up into the kitchen, then back down to hius coloring book, and quite casually asked my brother "Daddy, who is the little girl in the kitchen doing the dishes?" My brother jumped up and ran into the kitchen, knowing that no one else was supposed to be in the house, and my mother also went and looked. They didnt find anything, of course. Now keep in mind that my nephew wasnt at all frightened, he was totally nonchalant about it. So they asked him what he saw. He told them that the little girl had dark hair and a white dress on, he told them her name, and that she was sad and crying. They asked him why, and he told them it was because her daddy had killed her mother. They asked him where she went and he told them that she flew into grandmas bedroom.

No odds, my mother nad brother were mystified. I told her i wouldnt w ry too much about it, that my nephew wasnt frightened and that whatever it was didnt hurt anyone, so it should be okay, but that she needed to research the land, and ask the owners about the mobile home, try to find out if there were any double murders close to the area or in the house itself. I personally think that the little girl was murdered at the same time as her mother, and maybe doesnt even really realize it. Poor thing.

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PostSubject: Re: Missing Her Mother   Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:32 am

It would be interesting to get the history of the house. Let us know if you find out anything
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Missing Her Mother
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