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 Simple Yet Creepy

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PostSubject: Simple Yet Creepy   Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:26 pm

This didn't happen in my house but at a friend's friend's house.

Amanda and I wanted to go visit her friend Jake one evening after he got off from his shift at Dairy Queen. The neighborhood he lives in is kind of old and unkept and barely has any lights on the sidewalk when it gets dark. After chatting with him out on the driveway we decided to go inside and hang out in his room since it was now dark outside. Us three were the only ones home besides his old smelly (but really friendly) dog. His house alone was very creepy since there was NO lights on which left us stumbling around and what's worse is his parents keep a 4ft doll standing at the entrance of the hallway. While we were being lead to his room he mentioned briefly that his house was haunted but at the time I thought he was just pulling our leg and trying to scare us while we were in the dark.

We were all sitting on his bed with the tv on chatting about the story/characters we had been working on and I had the smelly friendly dog in my lap, half asleep from all the pets. The tv was to the right of his door and his closet was to the left, and his room had the only light in the entire house.

We all stopped talking at the same time when his door started to move on its own, shutting all by itself. It didn't close in a slow, gradually manner and there were no drafts in the hallway or in his room. It was as if someone walked by, stopped, and shut his door because we were all being too loud. When we heard the door click shut, Jake said "Ooookay.." as if he were used to it and we all continued talking, not freaking out too much but at the same time not opening the door again. In retrospect, I laugh at the thought of our conversation abruptly stopping just to watch a door shut all by itself.

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Simple Yet Creepy
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