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 Anklet Sounds

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PostSubject: Anklet Sounds   Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:37 pm

We live in hyderabad,India.
When i was 14 our family faced a financial crisis, we had to shift to a 3 room house. there was an empty land right to our house. I normally used to study till late while preparing for my annual tests. that was the first time i encountered a ghost. all though i didnt see it for the first 2 months, i could say that it was a ghost as i could hear the sounds of anklets when a woman moved. (in our country women wear anklets to the heels.It is a custom here). The sound would be so clear and start at 11:45 pm every day and continued to at least 3:00 am in the morning.

The sound appears as if someone walked through the balcony and then in the walk area in the right side and then to the front door. Initially i was very frightened and could not study at nights and i told my parents about this. my mother also agreed that she would hear the sound so clearly when she was all alone in the afternoon. she said she would hear the sound from 11:45 am to 3:00 pm! after it one night i was studying as usual, late at night, maybe it was 12:00 am and i was studying in the table light. suddenly i got up and opened the side door(i could not stop myself from doing so and felt like i was being forced to open the door). It was summer and temperatures were as high as 30 degree celcius at night and i felt deadly cold and my hair on the neck stood and that was the first i saw a ghost. It was a white form from top to bottom and i could see the feet glowing and i could say that she was wearing golden anklets.

After a minute or so I was back to normal and i felt warm again.just then my mother came running and pulled me inside. she had a dream that very night that i was opening a door! later on the sighting becam more often and i cared less about it. The owner of our house knew nothing about the ghostly lady but she too heard the sound of the anklets and thought it was made by some one down the street. My father's friend (a priest) once came to our house and he couldnt enter the house. he says that a white form is opposing him. he said that the spirit had great powers and it was a good one and it will protect the people in the house. By this I became more brave and often leaved the door open while i studied late in the nights. now we became wealthy again and moved into a different house and had no such experiences yet.

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Anklet Sounds
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