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PostSubject: Spirits   Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:05 pm

In the pic if you take it and blow it up... at the bottom of the door behind the post you can see the outline of what looks to be the head of a very small child.

I never believed in ghosts at all until I married a man that lived in a house that had spirits. Still, I had never seen them but knew his parents to be honest and couldn't believe them making any of this up. Actually, I had to drag it out of his mom and I don't think his father really ever talked about it except to say "yep" when I would question him on it. There were multiple people whom had seen a young man in a civil war uniform including my nephew who new nothing of what went on in his grandparents house, remember, they would not talk about it for fear of being labeled "weird".

He awoke one night to the boy standing over him in the middle of the night. The next morning he told his grandmother and she tried to tell him that he was just having a dream but he insisted that there had been a boy in the room the previous night, he wasn't scared, just perplexed. Of course any time that changes were made to the house it would rather stir them up. Mother In Law (MIL) came home once when they had hired people to replace the tin roof and the roofer told her that he had seen her friends. She acted like she didn't know what they were talking about by saying, "Well, I have lots of friends, who are you talking about." He said that he and his crew were working on the back part of the roof when he heard their ladder which was on the front side of the house hit the ground.

The guys kept working and he climbed down to the back deck and went around to put the ladder back up when he looked up and two guys were hunkered down peeping over the point of the roof with their hands over their mouths like they were giggling and trying to be quiet and they just dissapeared. Another worker (an electrician) was wiring a new garage that my mil had built after my father in law died and the guy was married to a close friend of the family but knew no history of the house.

He was working on the detached garage, when he stepped outside the alarm started going off and he looked up to see a man looking out of a second story window and started freakin out, his wife had just dropped him off to do the work and was going to pick him up, he thought someone had broke into the house and now was looking at him. He said the alarm went off for about a minute and just shut off when she came down the hill to pick him up. She said, "When I pulled up he came running to the car all freakin out that they had to call the police...GO GO!!!! Didn't you hear the alarm?" They sit there a minute and she told him about the house and he refused to work there alone again, he said that it was the most eerie feeling he had ever had, he could tell somebody was looking at him before he even looked up and seen the guy."

There were many other sightings but I had never seen or heard anything and I was wondering why, they prolly knew that I would freak out too much or something. When my mil finally decided to sell the house I was determined to stay the night before they did. She had remarried and moved to another house and I helped her sell hers on, when I took pictures I could not use any of the pix upstairs because of orbs all over. It wasn't dust, all the furniture had been moved out of the house and every room cleaned to the bone and repainted but still every photo had multiple orbs in it.

I would even be there myself and not feel anybody there or anything while taking the pix. Finally the night came that me and 2 of my friends stayed the night. The 3 of us were upstairs setting up a camera when we ALL heard what sounded like a pebble being tossed across the parquet wood flooring downstairs. We jumped up and ran downstairs to find nothing, no laughing ghost, no pebble...nothing. We did have one little table left in the living room and a small alarm clock radio. We sat around talking and messing around for a couple hours and the radio kept cutting off and on, we assumed that it had a short or something. Then we got to paying attention and noticed that we hadn't heard one single commercial and decided that maybe it was a commercial free night. We decided to run out to grab a pizza on the way to the store listening to the same station and there were commercials. Okay, the radio has a short, I'll tell mil tomorrow. When we got back with the pizza the radio was off...You know there is a song by the GooGoo Dolls that has a line that goes "I just want you to know who I am" ... The radio came on and that one line played and it went back off again, we looked at each other wide eyed and I said "MAN! If that radio had not been acting up all night THAT would have freaked me out!" Still not thinking too much about it we were all getting tired, I mean eyelids HEAVY tired" It was late.

I layed down right beside the radio and turned it off. Didn't have a problem with it all night. Once I dozed off (we were in sleeping bags in the living room) the girl next to me kept waking me up "you hear that?" "no, go to sleep" "I hear somebody creeping around" I was so tired that I really didn't care by now and told her to just go to sleep. We wake up in the morning to my son being dropped off by his Dad so his Dad could go to work. Soon as he walked in the radio turned on. He jumped and looked kinda funny and we were all like "aww, don't worry about it, it is only Mr Weems, ask him to turn it off" My son said "Mr Weems, please turn it back off" and it immediately went off...we all kind of got it then and started putting all the radio stuff together.

The next day I went to work and called my mil when I got home and told her that her radio needed replacing to see what she said. She was like "Why, what's wrong with it, I used it all week while I was painting and nothing was wrong with it." I got in my car drove to the house and turned on the radio and sat there about 30 minutes, nothing happened. It just made you have an odd feeling when you realize that maybe something had happened and we were just too stupid to realize it. Anyway, I finally did see a ghost once in a condo we were staying at on vacation but never got to see the family ghosts. oh well!

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