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 Ghostly Experience

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PostSubject: Ghostly Experience   Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:03 pm

My name is Sandra and both my husband and I are Civil War reenactors. We spent our honeymoon touring the major battlefields in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. We spent quite some time at the Chancellorsville battlefield outside of Fredricksburg, Virginia. My husband's great-great-great uncle was Brigadier General Amiel Weeks Whipple who was shot at Hazel Grove in Chacellorsville.

We arrived at the battlefield late in the day. It was overcast and very, very quiet. While at Hazel Grove, my husband, Dennis, wandered off to read some of the plaques placed next to the battery. I stood on the hill, just listening. I began to walk in the direction where Dennis was, when I was startled to hear a bugle blowing. I spun around, but it then faded and then came back, almost as if it were borne on the wind. Except there was no wind. Being a reenactor, I know bugle calls and this sounded like a call to arms. I ran down the hill to join my husband, but didn't say anything.
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Ghostly Experience
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