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 A Weird Haunting

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PostSubject: A Weird Haunting   Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:04 pm

My aunt told me that one time when she live in Oklahoma she found this house for rent. It was a three or four bedroom house and the rent was only $250 a month. Well, there was a barn in the back of the house and my aunt went back there to check it out. On the barn floor there was a circle ( it was some kind of cult sign). The circle was red. Well, she said that when she met the woman who owned the house, the woman said that she did not want the house.

Well, she did not listen to the woman and she got the house. when she move into the house with her children she said at night time she would hear cars pull up and shut off the engine and close the car door. She also told me when she went to get her utilitys turned on she said that the company said that there was no adress that registerd there.Well, she kept on telling them that there was a house there. The company still said there was no known house there. She still had utilities, but she wanted to put it under her name. So she never had to pay a utility bill. Well, she would get up and look out the window and no car or any person(s) were there.

Then one day when it got dark she would see two red glowing eyes in the window. Well, one night when all her kids were in bed and she was in bed the tv came on. She got up and turned the tv off and just thought it was a power serge. Well, the tv kept on coming on by it self. So one night she unpluged the tv and she put the kids to bed and went to bed herself as usual, and the tv came on. She went in there to turn it off when she realized that the tv was unplugged and still came on.Well, one of her daughters got sick and she took her to three doctors and they could not tell her what was wrong with her daughter. Her daughter stayed sick no matter what they did. The landlady never would come into the house. She would wait out on the porch for the rent come rain or shine.

Then one night when my aunt was in bed she and her kids heard this heavy breathing. The kids ran into her room. Well, the dog that they kept in the house went into the kitchen and had gone strait to the corner of that kitchen and stood up on its hind legs and started barking at the ceiling. They always kept a bag hanging on the kitchen door. Well, one night my aunt heard the bag rattling. She said it sounded like something was going threw the bag. She didn't get up to check it out. Well, all this time her daughter was still very sick. When they would want to leave the house their car would not start.

They had to push the car all the way down the road and stick the key in and it would start right up. She said when she was in that house she felt like she was being watched all the time. Well, one day they went out and got home late. My aunt saw this big black shape on the porch. My aunt said it was shaped like a man with hooves for hands. Well, she got her kids out of that house as soon as possible. After she moved out her daughter got better in no time at all. Well, that is the weird haunting. Thanks for every thing.

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PostSubject: Re: A Weird Haunting   Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:33 pm

Strange story. Even stranger is that she complained about paying a utility bill! I have to wonder if the barn was still being used for occult purposes without them knowing and perhaps that was what caused everything. Good story.
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A Weird Haunting
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