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PostSubject: Bizarre   Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:19 pm

One day my mother and I were at home alone taking a nap when the phone rang. My mom answered it and it was the Mayo Heart Clinic confirming my father's appointment to check into the hospital the following week. My father didn't have any heart problems and hadn't been to the doctor in years. However, his name is a very common one and it was not unusual for us to get another "George Smith"'s mail, bills even dry cleaning. My mom told them that they must have the wrong "George Smith". At this point, they gave my mom our address and my father's social security number trying to determine if they had, indeed, made a mistake. All the information the person on the phone gave was my father's.

Mom told them that there had obviously been some sort of mistake since her husband was healthy and did not have heart problems. The next week (New Year's Eve) my father had his first heart attack....on the very day the caller was trying to confirm as his check-in date. We never did figure that one out.

I got married in November 1998. That Christmas my husband's father got sick and it was determined that he needed emergency bypass surgery. We flew up to see him and spent Christmas with him. He did not do well but managed to linger until February. After his death we remodeled our house and put new furniture in it. A few months later the remote control to the VCR disappeared. We looked all over that house...nothing! Unfortunately one of the items of furniture we had broke and had to be replaced therefore the floor was cleared of all items and vaccumed in preparation for the new piece to be delivered, which it was. Walking down the hall after the arrival of the new piece I look down where it had been placed and between the chair and the wall in plain sight was the missing remote. Now that floor had been totally bare and I know for a fact that the remote was not there before.

3 months later the remote to the TV disappeared. Again we searched everywhere to no avail. However, we were going to be moving and I felt I'd find the remote in the process of packing. I packed the entire house by myself (husband is a truck driver and was not at home)---no remote. We moved everything and I unpacked everything---again, no remote. A few weeks later we went to the mountains for the weekend. When we got home, we sat down on the couch and I happened to glance at the coffee table and, wouldn't you know it, there sat that remote. At that point I felt that my husband's dad was with us and playing around.

My daughter (12) and nephew (5) were playing with my nephew's plastic dinosauers on her bed and they had used four throw pillows to make "caves" for them. I was sitting in there when I heard them looking for a missing dinosauer. I stopped what I was doing and looked under all the pillows (putting them back into the "cave" position after looking under them) and blankets on the bed. Finally my daughter said "Grandpa, can I please have the dinosauer back?" about 10 seconds later one of the "caves" fell open and there sat that dang dinosauer. We had looked in that very spot and it was NOT there! My daughter just looked at me and said, "Thank you grandpa." My nephew was curious about what was going on. Once my daughter explained it to him he looked at me and asked if it was true. Before I could answer the light in her room turned off for a few seconds then back on. I figure it was his way of answering my nephew's question.

My husband and I have now divorced and his dad must be following him because we haven't had any more things disappear.

One story is a ghost story, the other one is just kind of freaky. I hope you enjoy them. I know if they had not happened to me, I would have a hard time believing it.

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