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 My Story

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PostSubject: My Story   Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:20 pm

I was always interested in ghosts, UFO’s, etc since I was a kid and used to go to the library and rent book on the subjects. It all started one night in my early 20’s and continued into my late 30’s (I’m now in my early 40’s). My sister and I shared a bedroom in the basement. The basement was finished with a build in bar and my brother had a bedroom near the stairs. Anyway, one night I was playing with my Tarot cards (yes, I dabbled a bit) in the family room and without knowing at the time, my younger sister was playing with an ouija board upstairs. Well, I was reading my cards and they basically told me “Go F-K yourself”.

This got me extremely scared and put the cards away for the night. Eventually, I threw the cards out. Going forward, every time I was trying to get some sleep, I would hear the sound of a pig running from the stairs through the family room to the entrance of my bedroom door and then stop. This went on for weeks and my other sister who I shared the bedroom with said she never heard anything. After that episode, things got back to normal again. Then, I moved in with my boyfriend. That’s when it starts getting stranger. He had a studio apartment so we basically slept in the living room with the kitchen area behind our heads. One night, I heard this crackling noise and realized that someone was playing with Solo cups (my boyfriend liked this brand of plastic cup and used them daily). I sat up and would turn around and the sounds would stop.

Every time I put my head down to sleep, something would start crackling the cups. Just about drove me nuts. Then, we started missed silverware for weeks at a time….one day 4 spoons or a few forks would be gone and then the following week, there they were. When we got engaged, we decided it was time to move into a bigger apartment. Then it got a lot worse. Our bed went along the wall where the hall was and our heads basically were at that wall. Within the first couple of weeks, someone would be knocking on the hall wall right where my head was. Here again, every time I would jump up and look in the hall, the knocking would stop and then after I got back into bed would start back up again. This went on for a couple of months. Then, it started moving things. I couldn’t find my briefcase for work or the small garbage can in the bathroom would be moved in front of the toilet and I would almost kill myself tripping over it or the whole roll of toilet paper would be unraveled to the floor. In addition to episodes like this….missing silverware continued.

During this time, my younger sister needed a place to stay while my parents were moving and we allowed her to live with us. She also experienced bizarre episodes. One of them involved someone opening her bedroom door and she thought it was either me or my fiancé only to realize that no one was there. Then, the window would start to continuously slam open and then slam shut. She told me the next morning that all she could do was lie there and hoped whatever “it” was would make up its mind on whether to have the window open or closed. During one episode, I got up in the middle of night to go to the bathroom and that’s when I saw him. The bathroom was right across the hall from the bedroom and you could see into the kitchen. When I walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, I saw an outline of a man and he was reaching up into our cabinet to get, that’s right you guessed it SOLO CUPS. Anyway, he noticed me and with his hand still in mid air going for a cup, started turning his head toward me very slowly. I was scared to death and all I knew was that our eyes SHOULD NOT meet. I ran back in the bedroom and into bed. We also had neighbors that lived upstairs (2 flat apt) and I would often tease about the ghost and tell them I would send him up for the night. Well, one night he did and turned on and off their bedroom night all night long.

When my fiancé and I married, we decided to move into our own home. The two and apartments and the home were in the same town (merely blocks from each other). That’s when it started getting way out of control. By this time, we had also acquired a dog. After moving in our home, stranger things started happening. Nicki would bark in corners at nothing for no reason or being eating her food and suddenly shoot off down the hall or into the living room. We would play with her ball in the house and in a particular spot in the kitchen, the ball would simple spin in a circle and not stop until you grabbed it. My husband worked nights and I would be sitting in the living room watching TV and would hear heavy loud footsteps in the attic (we had a walk up attic). My husband claimed to never hear this but they continued for months. One evening, my husband had the day off and we were watching TV and low and behold, he heard someone walking around the attic and actually said, “what the hell is that” and I smiled and told him that’s what I been trying to tell him.

To note, no more missing silverware or Solo cups. One night while sleeping I felt a presence in the bedroom and saw very dark outline of a man and thought it was my husband. I addressed him but got no response. I watched this figure walk over to Nicki (she had a dog bed in our room) bend down to pet her and addressed my husband again but got nothing. Nicki never moved or acknowledged anything…I think she was asleep. It was then I realized that this was not my husband. That night I dreamt of a man, a black entity in a black cape, who seemed very evil to me and wanted me to go with him. I could hear voices of tormented people coming from all around me and I was extremely frightened while this thing kept trying to coax me. I woke up the next day and still believe to this day that I was violated (both physically and mentally). The last straw for me came when I was down the basement doing some laundry and wandered around just checking things out and when I got to one corner of the basement and heard a very loud evil growl that scared the living daylights out of me. After that, I got out the bible and holy water and went around the basement, praying and blessing the whole house to rid it of this evil entity. After that, I seem to have any problems.

My husband and I parted ways and I allowed him to keep the house. I moved closer to my family who moved to Indiana and rented an apartment near them. That’s when a few minor things happened. My bedroom door would swing open with no one there or I would be in the shower and hear someone open and close the front door (yes, it was locked) and start walking down the hall toward the bathroom with very prominent foot falls. This would completely freak me out while I was in the shower. I eventually met someone and he moved in with me. He would sleep in the living room from time to time and would wake up to the sound of someone in the kitchen getting ice cubes and would ask if I was there only to get no response. This occurred on a few occasions but other than these small episodes, nothing like I experienced in the house.

A couple of years later, we broke up and I moved into a house in Illinois. Here, just a few “spooky” things -- seeing someone out of the corner of my eye or hearing something “land’ on the roof. I have actually had conversations with who I think is my boyfriend, only to find no one there. I try to tell myself that it’s just the lighting in the house and the roof creaking but who knows.

I honestly believe that there is/was a ghost of a young man that followed us from the studio apartment to the other apartment. I often teased that he was mad when we moved and even more so when we gave “his room” to my sister for a period of time. However, when we moved into the house, I think something happened and this evil being took over and perhaps suppressed the young man. The couple of incidents at my apartment in Indiana, I believe was the young man. Here again, I teased that he didn’t even want to stay with my ex-husband. I honestly try not to harbor/think too hard about it for fear that real strange things may start again.

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My Story
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