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PostSubject: Ghosties   Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:52 pm

Hi, I have a story to share about a night at the Baja Inn/Country Club hotel in Tijauan,Mexico. I've been staying at this hotel about twice a year since I was 4 years old because we often go to Tijuana either on our way to Rosarito/Ensenada or to have a cheaper doctor/dentist appointment. About April of this year we were staying in a different part of the hotel with larger rooms because my grandmother was also with us so we needed the two larger beds to accomodate my parents my grandmother my sister and me. I opted to sleep on the floor because I'm wierd and get reallyuncomfortable when people are to close to me. I was having a hard time sleeping, kind of going in and out of what felt like 10 minute intervals of light sleep.

It was during one of my long periods of stareing at the wall that I began to hear what sounded like a small dog walking on the wood floor of the mini kitchen area of the room and I felt a little like something was standing near me, I decided that I really didn't feel like freaking out about ghosts right now because I was tired and feeling slightly nausios (excuse my momentary lapse in spelling) from something I had eaten that evening so I decided to just call it roaches. This might have made everything better if the sound hadn't then moved from the wooden kitchen floor to the carpet.... I could then clearly hear small feet walking near the bottom of the bed farthest from me and kind of pacing a small circle around the room.

I still didn't want to pay much attention as I was feeling bad and really wanted to get soem sleep but of course it then started coming closer to me it was pacing about three feet from my feet when I decided to just suck it up and go sleep with my parents. Later that morning I explained to my family what brought about my sudden change of heart about sleeping in a bed and my mom told me that she had heard a childish voice near my head say "ven a jugar con migo" which means 'come play with me' that sounds very cliche I know but it's what she told me. I'd never had any strange experiences at that hotel before and hadn't really been looking for one but it's definitely making me think twice about ever sleeping ont he floor again =P

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