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PostSubject: Hello!   Sat Apr 19, 2008 4:50 am


I'ts been a few years since I sent a story in as I was layed (oops,not PC..)I mean there was a "Reduction in force" where I use to work.

My situation was this...My wife and I had gone to Las Vegas for some R&R(November time frame) and the last night we were there I had the most vivid nightmare I've had in a long time that unfortunately came true. I guess they call this a "preminition" I saw my older sister's death/ funeral playing in my head ,right down to the type of casket!! December 25th of 2004 at 3am it became reality.She had been fighting cancer for a year or so and had gone into remission,or so they thought. It came back with a vengance. I had relayed this "story" to my mom the night she called to give me the news,and her only comment was,"just like your grandfather".I take it from all my mom has said about our family in the past is that "we" have been given that gift since we were kids.This kind of gift "they " can take back !! Thankfully I have had no more of these preminitions(so far)and was really bummed out by it.

Thanks for letting me ramble!!

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