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 Ghost's have Feelings Too

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PostSubject: Ghost's have Feelings Too   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:57 pm

When I was 18, I moved into my Nanas house. Two of my aunts lived there too so I had a room in the basement.
There was a ghost we called Sarah. (The reason is another story.) I had many experiences there. Once, my
aunt and I were decorating my room and many wierd things happened all day. When my other aunt came in,
we were telling her Sarah had been active.

She was standing at the top of the stairs and never really believed in ghosts, so she was laughing at us and
saying that we were imagining things etc. When she jerked forward like someone had pushed her and fell
down the stairs. We ran to her to see if she was ok.

She was bruised and shaken up, but mostly ok. She said she felt someone push her. There was no one else in
the house (we doubled checked.) After that, she never laughed at Sarah again.

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Ghost's have Feelings Too
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