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 Decorating Ghost?

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PostSubject: Decorating Ghost?   Sat Apr 19, 2008 4:10 pm

I live in a typical California tract home in Huntington Beach , Ca. I bought my home in the early 80's and began a long process of renovation. The house is relatively new by some standards, built in the 60's. So the
idea of it being haunted wasnt on the top of my list ( I have lived in a pre world war 1 home that was very haunted, I will tell you this story too). After a long day of painting and wallpapering the kitchen, I found myself alone as everyone had gone off to bed. As I stood looking at the new wallpaper I couldnt help wondering if the original owners of the house would approve or even recognize their old home.

Moments later as I stood there the feel of a finger running teasingly along my back made me jump and turn around. I fully expected to find my husband standing there telling me to come to bed. There was no one there!!! I looked
to see if something had fallen off a shelf and brushed me, but the area was completely clear . I didn't get a scared feeling, the feeling was one of approval and fun. Was my ghost giving me it's approval of the new decor?
Was it someone I had known making a visit.

I ran in to the bedroom and woke my husband to tell him what had just happened. I think he was more shocked
at my reaction of not being frightened ( as I have been very freak out by "visitors" in the past). We now refer to our "decorating angel" whenever we are doing another project around our home. Note: my 18 year old son has "seen" a shadowy visitor in our hallway on more than one ocassion, it is never malevolent , only a bit of that "Whoa!" feeling.

Our other very scary home ( which we left in a big hurry) was one we rented in the early 70's in Redondo Beach, Ca. (551 Juanita st.) This small pre WW1 house sat on a large parcel of land. We couldnt believe our luck at finding a house for such reasonable rent at the beach. My husband and I were to be married that summer and the thought of living in a beach home for our first months of married life sounded like heaven. We scraped together our money and signed a lease for the summer.

The house was a bit drab. The small rooms painted a sickly pistachio green didnt help. We moved our furniture in and tried to make it feel warm and comfortable. But Nothing seemed to help. We had 2 bedrooms in this house. We chose the brighter corner room for our bedroom. and used the longer attached room for guests and a small space for
my studio. Our friends would drop by and all would comment on how cold the studio always felt.

I tried to ignore this , but other things started to happen. The door to the room would close by itself. Even when the house was draft free. The feeling of not being alone in the room would be over powering and evil at times. I started leaving the door to that room closed at all times. We were known for throwing large Halloween parties and had invited all who had partied a bit hard to stay the night. We placed several sleeping bags in the extra room and the place was full by 2am. We had planned on making brunch for our guests as a surprise .

As we woke up and walked out to the living room, we noticed that everyone was now in the front of the house, several with freaked out looks on their faces. Not one person had slept the entire evening in that other room, they had all felt an evil presence and had to leave. It made for a very interesting halloween . That November, my husband was attending night classes at college . I was alone in the house when I heard voices. 2 distinct voices as if they were in the house. I ran to see where they came from and even went outside and
looked all around the grounds. Nothing!

That same week, as my husband was napping on the couch, he awoke with a start and screamed. Standing over him was a dark shadowy figure that hovered and disappered. To say this was the straw that broke the camels back is an
understatment. We started looking for a new house that very day. We still had 2 months on our lease, but there was no way we would stay . This was a truly evil feeling. We never found out who or what it was. We have speculated over the years that someone may have died or committed suicide in that extra room.

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Decorating Ghost?
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