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 Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!

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PostSubject: Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!   Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:21 pm

September, 2002, I was in Geneva Switzerland on a business trip, and I was due to return home the day of my girl friends birthday. For her birthday, I had purchased a violin, and I planned on giving it to her after she picked me up from the airport (the violin was at my house).

The night before I was scheduled to return home, I called my girlfriend but she was not home, so I left a message. After I hung up the phone, the phone rang back in my room in Switzerland. I picked up the phone but I did not here anything. After saying hello a couple times, I hung the phone up. Later that night I again tried to call my girlfriend and this time she was home. As we spoke, she told me that she had received both my messages. Having only called once before, I was very perplexed. I asked her what I said on the messages and she described the first message that left to a tee, but she thought that I was teasing her with the second message since she thought that I might be giving her a violin for her birthday. After some prompting, she told me that she heard scratchy violin music, like a beginner tuning their instrument, followed by me saying “hello, hello”. I thought she was joking, but when I could tell that she was serious, I asked her if it sounded like “musac”, static or some other background noise. She had the voice messages still on her answering machine, and she played both messages back to me. On the first message, I could clearly hear my voice saying that “I just called to say hi and that I would see her tomorrow”. The second message starts with about 4 seconds of clear but scratchy violin music, and then I could very clearly hear my voice saying “hello, hello”. My girlfriend said that both the messages had my phone number on the caller ID. By this time I had convinced her that I did not leave the violin music on her machine (nor were there any TV’s or radio’s turned on in my room during the call). All I could think of was that I may have been hearing some future event when my girlfriend would be tuning her violin and that I would not be around to hear it! So I changed my plane reservations to take a different flight home. Nothing happened to the plane that I would have been on, but I can not help but think that the violin music was meant to be some type of warning. Maybe I would have had car accident if I took the other flight, or I would have been hit crossing the road.

Regardless, an omen like that is hard to ignore. I have kept the “message “ recording as a reminder of this very strange experience.

May, 2006. It happened again! After over three and a half years, we received another ghostly phone call. Last night we were sitting at home when my wife’s (my girlfriend in 2002) cell phone rang. She answered it and at first did not hear anything. Then the sound of the same scratchy violin music became slowly more pronounced. She said hello several times but had no response except the “music”. She handed the cell phone to me and I also heard the violin. Then the sound just stopped. I did not hear a phone hang up. It just stopped. I closed the cell phone lid, and then checked the call log. There was no record of a call (incoming or

outgoing) to the cell phone at that time! I am scheduled for another flight to Atlanta on Thursday. I sure wish I could get out of it!!

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PostSubject: Re: Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!   Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:01 pm

phone stories always freak me out for some reason and this one was no exception. I find it very eerie to have a phone used as a divice for connecting to the other world. Very good story.
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PostSubject: Re: Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!   Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:38 pm

I wish you luck. You'll have to post back here to let us know how it went. But. maybe it's mot a bad omen. Since last time nothing bad happened, maybe it's a good sign. Did she like the violin? Maybe it's like a private message of good things happening between you two. You did get married after all. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!   

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Ghostly Violin Phone Call… Again!
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