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 My Ghostly Encounter

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PostSubject: My Ghostly Encounter   Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:48 am

In 1975, my younger brother was murdered. My father began a search for the culprit and was very close to finding him -- so close that the police came to my mother and asked her to take him out of town. We decided to visit
relatives in the East and I went along to help with the driving.

We drove to West Virginia and Washington D.C. to visit relatives. While visiting my aunt in West Virginia, I had waht I thought was a very strange experience. I awoke at 0230 and my brother was standing at the foot of my bed. He was dressed in the outfit that he had been buried in and was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand him.

That morning, I told my parents that we had to return home right away because something had happened. My
mother said that I was "white as a ghost" and my father said he also had a "strange feeling". We drove all day to get home and walked in the door to the sound of a ringing telephone. My mother answered it and it was a reporter asking for her thoughts on the capture of the man who had murdered my brother -- the police had arrested him at 0230.

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My Ghostly Encounter
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