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PostSubject: More Details   Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:49 am

I have sent these stories into your haunted places section but here is a little more detailed description and acouple of my experiences. Well my school has many stories of how it is haunted. The most known ones in the school are the haunted gyms and underground pool. There are two gyms, the A and C building gyms. In A building Gym you can supposedly hear basket balls dribbeling when the lights are out. Though i havent experienced anything from my school the head Janitor has told me and my friends a story.

Well i was in orchestra and we were having competitions between the other schools with their orchestras. well you had to get a job to help out and keep everything in order. since it was later in the day the head janitor was on the job and one of my orchestra friends came up to us with the head janitor and asked if we wanted to go to the underground school tunnels (yes our school has underground tunnels for those of you who dont believe it).

Well anyway we went to the tunnels and since they were kinda spooky we were asking him if he had experienced anything. he told us of a story with the C building gym. he was working there at night and when done cleaning the gym and turned the lights out. but he came back and the lights were back on. so he turned them out again. but again he came back and they were back on. by now he was getting frustrated b/c he wanted to leave and before he left the school he yelled into the gym "OK enough joking around turn these lights out and keep them out" and left the lights on. He then told us that as he was leaving the lights were tunred off.

There are also stories of a dog that was let into the halls as a senior prank and was kil d. so it now haunts the halls. there is also the story of the schools underground pool being haunted by a student that died in the pool. i have never seen the pools and ive been told they dont exist so im not sure if its true. but now i have my own eperiences. when i was young me and my mother lived in an apartment complex. i used to be going to sleep and i would look and see a figure of a man walking into the room and just stand there. i dont know if it was my imagenation or not but i have never ever experienced this since then. but oddly enough my best friend knew the people that lived there when me and my mother moved out.

They would tell me how the girl that moved into my apartment with her parents would have things moved around and things would float. i thought this was weird seeing as i never told ANYONE about my experiences so they couldnt be making it up just to make me scared. but now that i am older and still live in the same area i have noticed that the apartment i lived in has now been quarentined. no one is living there even though the apartments are still up. coincidence? i dont know.

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