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 The Attic Ghost and others

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PostSubject: The Attic Ghost and others   Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:32 pm

My first encounter was when i was 6. me and my cousin were playing hide and seek it was his turn to find me. so i decided to hide at the attic but suddenly as i was making my way to the attic i heard a old mans voice that said what are u doing here get the hell out of here as i made my way down the stairs i felt a force push me and i fell down the stairs.i told my aunt what i heard and what happend but she didnt belive me. my second encounter was when i was 13 at a baby shower at my cousins house. they were afraid to go to there basement so i decided to check it out.

When i opend the door just a tiny bit a saw a old lady there and she slammed the door. i was spoked and so was 3 of my cousins that were there with me. so i opended it fully and i saw a dark figure pass the heater. now when i opended the door the lights were on but when i opended it fully the basement lights were off. as i was about to close the door a horrible looking thing was about to lung at me but i closed the door and there was a loud bang. now i always stay away from the attic and the basement becuase im afraid ill get attacked again.

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The Attic Ghost and others
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