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 Pleasant Grove Experience

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PostSubject: Pleasant Grove Experience   Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:16 am

A few of my friends and i have been into ghost hunting for quite some time now. About 3 months ago a friend of a friend knew of a good place to look with some good history behind it. A barn in some very disturbing backroads was caught on fire and the barn burned down, along with the house that was attached to it. A girl small girl, probably about 5-7 years of age, perished in this fire. A few years later, the barn was rebuilt but without the house. It is supposedly haunted by the little girl.

The guy who told us about the barn had a friend who went there broke a wooden step that leads from the bottom part of the barn(where cows were kept) and died a few months later. When my friends and I arrived here my one friend also broke one of these steps and passed away recently. There is also a rope that hangs in the main part of the barn that swings back and forth constantly, almost looking like somebody hung themselves there.

Close to the rope there is a ladder leading up to a balcony like thing, and one of my friends was in the process of climbing this ladder and he heard a noise from up above and quickly retreated back down to the main floor. After a bit more wandering around, we again returned to the site of the rope and the ladder and a stick or something was thrown from the balcony and hit the side of the barn. After that happened we were a bit shaken up until it happened a second time, almost like a spirit did not want us around the barn. After this happened twice, we left the barn but plan to return in the near future and i will have updates about it.

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Pleasant Grove Experience
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