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 My Experience

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PostSubject: My Experience   Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:41 am

Im katelynn and I just moved to New Mexico from Maine. Well my friend tiina asked me if I wanted to scare myself. I said yes. Well she took me to the hanging tree in La Luz, It wasnt that scary although there was rope still hanging from the branches. and all the cows were gathered under it adn wouldnt leave. Which was creepy, anyways I was bored with that and she told me about the brige where your site says a mother and her kids haunt.

But The story I heard was a school bus of kids were washed away in a flash flood, well no shitting you it worked. We sat in the car she turned off her lights and put it in nutral. And no joke the fucking car was pushed up hill. I made her do it three times because I didnt believe it, and on the third time the kids slammed on the trunk of my car and we sped off. We went back later that night and put flour on the tailgate, and there were TONS of tiny handprints. I have pictures, and we are going again on halloween.

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My Experience
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