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 I Got One For You

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PostSubject: I Got One For You   Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:51 am

It happened at a Circut city when i was little around 7 years old i am 19 now. The city is woodbridge va. Well my parents needed a new refridgerator at the time our old one broke down and we went shopping. Well This is where thr fun began. We were running throughout the store like little kids do. The all of a sudden i see a black figure out of the corner of my eye. I turned to get a better view of it.

It was a odd black haze that was kind of transparent. What i could identify was that it was wearing some type of long brimmed hat. All was black as i could see. Right as i stared at it, it vanished. It throughly freaked me out and i ran to my parents. My sister didn't see it because she kept running around the store thinking i was in chase. Since then i have throughly believed in ghosts and looked into that kind of stuff and found people have had similar sighting there. Even a ghost hunters society looked the place over. I have told my friends and such but not my sister. The thought of ghosts freaks her out.

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I Got One For You
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