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 True Ghost Stories

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PostSubject: True Ghost Stories   Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:25 pm

I am a 47 year old woman who has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for most of my adult life. About 8 years ago I began working for Video Update on Arlington Ave. When I first stated there I worked the day shift and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened . It was only after I was promoted up and transferred out to other stores and eventually transferred back as General Manager that my ghost story starts.

I was asked to go back to this location because for some reason the store was not only losing money but they could not seem to keep a manager past 6 months. Seeing as to how I had started as a regular employee at that local and was a troubleshooter. They wanted to see if I could fix the problem.

I was putting somewhere around 50 to 60 hours a week and was tired a lot of the time time so when things started happening I shrugged it off as imagination. When there late at night alone I would here footsteps in the store and no one was there but me .Out of the corner of my eyes I would see movies move from one shelf to the other one across from it and when I checked they would be flip flopped exactly across from each other on the shelf's.

When the district manager showed up for a inspection ( after 2 Months of my being in charge) I joking said that I thought that the building was haunted. You could imagine my surprise when she said " Did you see him?"
Now after this she confessed that the last two male managers would not ever come back to this store because of the weird stuff that went on at this store.

Here are just some of the things which occurred in the 2 years that I worked at this location.
The toilets would flush late at night and the lights would go on. Motion sensors would go off and the alarm company would wake me up to check that there was not a break in. Movie cover boxes flew off the window ledges as if knocked off by invisible hands. I might add that this happened right in front of me while standing with in 10 feet and that the boxes flew far enough from the ledge to land on my shoes. It seems he did not like any messes. When working late at night at my desk I would feel like someone was blowing on my neck.Yet the air vent in the office is closed .

One of the regular customers out of the blue felt like she had to tell me that the presence in the stores name was Charlie and that he had died during the construction of the building. She also stated that he didn't care for the male managers but that he liked me and was sorry for freaking me out at times. She said that whenever it really bothered me to just talk to him like I would an employee and that he would stop.

I have to say that when there late at night I did do just that. When leaving clutter in the window ledges or on the counters I would say : Now Charlie I have to open in the morning and if you make a mess of all this it is going to take me longer to get rid of the mess. And you guess it nothing would be disturbed. I also used to say to him not to move things after I leave because I would like to get a full nights sleep and not be woke up by the alarm company. And I would get a full nights sleep. But if I forgot then I would have to come back because of the motion sensors.
I have since left not because of Charlie but because of armed robberies but kept in touch with the new manager(male). The store again started losing money and he only lasted 6 months . The company decided to close the store down . With in 6 months after that a CiCi Pizza went in. I talked to the new ( male) manager and asked him if he has noticed any thing happening. He said no. But the CiCi Pizza only lasted 5 months and now the building is empty again.

Makes me wonder if Charlie hasn't run them off
Please don't think that I am making this up. Everything is the absolute truth.

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True Ghost Stories
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