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PostSubject: Haunted   Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:26 pm

I am 13 yrs. old. Throughout my life, I have had some very creepy experiences. When I was 4 yrs. old I had seen a ghost. After my parents split up me, my brother, and my mom slept in the same room sharing the same bed. I would sleep in the middle and my mom and brother would sleep on the sides. My mom always slept by the glass sliding door and had a big knife in case something ever happened. Well, one night I wanted to sleep by the glass sliding door. I couldn't sleep because I always saw a man with red eyes staring at me. As I looked down on the floor glancing at the knife, I saw a figure laying on the floor moving around in a coat. I screamed and my brother hurried up and ran for the light. When he turned on the light he saw nothing. I told them what I saw and my mom began to check the room and the whole house but there was no trace of anyone, not even the coat but a cheap fragrance of cologne filled through the whole house. We then decided to moved out into an apartment because the house was way too big and too many things happened.

I hated sleeping at night because as I looked in the hallway, I would see things walk by. They never came into the room. For some reason they'd stop there. Things would fall. I never liked turning towards the window because I always saw someone with no eyes peering into the window. It seemed like they would be screaming and hitting on the window at the same time.

Now that I'm 13 things have gotten a little more creepier. I stay up late chatting online. Although I know of seeing things, I still stay up late. The scariest part in the house is from the living room all the way to the hallway and into my brothers room.

When I have the lights off in the living room and I'm sitting on the couch, I look at the other couch and see a figure sitting there with long black hair and a very pale face. Sometimes I see a very tall and skinny figure standing at the edge of the couch.

My mom has curtains covering the hallway entrance. However I don't like them closed. When I turn out the lights in the living room and I turn the hallway light on I'll look in the gap of the curtains. Sometimes I see hands coming through the curtain or an eye that's just looking at me. When I turn off the lights off to go into the room, I feel like something is grabbing at my back. It's like they're pulling at me and I walk really fast, but as I enter my room I feel safe. I turn around and I see all this black figures just looking at me. But sometimes walking in my room doesn't make me feel safe.

One time I sent into the bathroom and no one was home. I had closed the door and got in the shower. Well when I got out, something brushed up against the door like a body. I was too afraid to open the door so I yelled out, "Who is it." Of course there was no answer, when I opened the door there was no one there, no one was in the house or anything.

There was an incident that occured when me and my mom was home alonde. She had asked me to walk into the other room to see why the dogs were barking. I go to walk down the hallway and my brothers door opens. (Mind you this, the door was shut completely). I scream and run back into the room where my mom was and we both looked in the hallway. We saew a white figure, the shape of a little girl run quickly past the hallway and into the living room. The dog opened the back sliding door and came in. He was growling. Of course we didn't go in there. Instead my dad had came home just in the nick of time and got the dog out. I never went to sleep that night and never turned off my lights.

There's a mirror in the hallway and when the curtains or open you can see things walking by. One morning I woke up and the curtains were closed. Everyone was asleep. I had asked my mom if she closed them and she said no. Everyone that I asked in the house had the same reply.

I believe that the closet in my room is haunted. I have my bed up against the closet entrance because the door was taken off. But when I go to turn on the light a very cold hand will touch mine and I hate that feeling because it sends jolts through my body.

Sometimes I can hear footsteps stopping in front of my bed or walking near the edge, that's why I don't sleep on the edge. Sometimes when I take the covers off my face, I can feel something hovering about my head and when I looked up there's a big black figure, it's like darker than the room itself.

A lot of creepy stuff happens. I do not look forward to seeing any of them and I wished that someone else would be the victim other than me. It has put great fear in me. I am afraid to even sleep alone or turn off the lights.

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