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 My Ghost Experiences

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PostSubject: My Ghost Experiences   Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:55 am

In my childhood home there is i believe 2 spirits, one of a nice nature and the other more darker.
when i was 6, i was up early one morning (4:30 ish) and i was watching television, now the tv stood behind a thick heavy glass door which was the end of our hallway. we had termites and whenever someone would walk down the hallway there would always be a distinct creak. this particular morning i heard footsteps down the hallway and the familiar creek that usually accomponied. automatically i looked to the glass door (which was a transparent glass) expecting to see my dad or mum but the hallway was empty.. i had a kinda sick feeling in my stomach as i looked down the hallway then the door, to my utter shock slowly opened and then slammed shut very violently.

It left the glass with a huge crack down the middle. well i did what any 6 year old would do, scream my lungs out and wake everyone in the house. they didnt believe me of course and blamed me for the crack in the glass door. i slept with a lamp in my room till i was 14 because i heard those footsteps every night, seemingly coming towards my room. another morni when i was a bit older i was in one of those deep sleeps where you dont dream, something so cold touched my leg that i went from a laying down posistion to bolt upright in under a second, you know how when you wake up and your all groggy and it takes a bit to wake up properly? well i was as awake as a person can be. it scared me but at the same time i got the feeling of calm and like i was being watched over. the darker spirit, i had a very scary encounter with that i still havent forgotten.

I was 14 at the time and i was home alone this night, i was watching tv and had the feeling i was being watched which got me totally paranoid so i called my mate for someone to talk to, i told him my thoughts of being watched and he just told me i was being stupid and i made a passing comment along the lines of "yea im not scared of this stupid peice of crap" well id done it then. all of a sudden i felt very threatened, like i was being attacked. my stomach felt like ice and i panacked, i ran around the house but couldnt shake the overwhelming feeling that i was being chased, attaked, every sense told me that i was in danger. a bowl that was sitting on the bench exploded as i ran past it sending bits of glass everywhere, i bolted out of the house and down the street where i waited till i saw my parents car go into the driveway. i swear these events are 100% true and my experiences in that house have spurred me on to research the subject and thats how i found your site.

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PostSubject: Re: My Ghost Experiences   Wed May 07, 2008 6:56 pm

Whatever it was sounded very violent. As a kid I went through a few things that as a grown up I simply would not be able to tolerate. I think glass doors cracking and bowls exploding are among them!
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My Ghost Experiences
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