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 Father's Presence?

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PostSubject: Father's Presence?   Sun May 25, 2008 5:50 am

Since I was very young, I've seen or experienced quite a bit of "Ghost" activity.However, since I figured that I was probably "nuts", I kept what I saw to myself.
However, on Valentine's Day 2000, my father passed away in a hospital in Hayward,Ca. He was 60 years old.
The first week after his passing, I felt his presence at his house, where he and my mother,now passed, lived at for over 30 years.
On one incident, I was sitting at a computer in their living room, when I felt a cool breeze blow by me, the computer froze, and from across the room, a tall stereo speaker dumbed over. The speaker had been in the same spot for nearly 10 years and the computer wouldn't shut down or respond in any way.
The next incident was, their door bell ringing, with no one outside after opening it.Same day a minute later, my fathers framed picture flew off of the television set or wall ,somewhere, I never did know and landed face up on the floor. He was there in that room,I could feel his presence.
Anyway, I also heard the jingling of car keys and smelt cigarette smoke in the garage. After two weeks or so, the activity seemed to drop off and I began to see him in dreams only. I remember seeing him in a coffin full of clear water , where his coffin lay flanked by lit torches in a chapel with no walls and no mourners, just me. He lay staring up at me through the water. I reached in and sat him up. He then stood before me, dry, and asked without his mouth moving, "Where's your momma"? There's more to that dream and other's would follow.
Is there anything to: pennies? Though I was the only one in my family to have experienced what I did, my mother ,who became ill soon after my father passed,mentioned that she kept finding pennies in her bed and in her shoes. I did as well.
Today, the house which they lived in for so long, is no longer in our family. I sometimes wonder if my father came back there after we had moved our mother out. If he came back to his empty house looking for my mother.
On the anniversary of his passing, February 14th of this year, our dishes in the strainer shook, in fact, it woke up my wife and she had me go into the kitchen to take a look. Since, it had already happened earlier that same evening , it came as no real surprise. Nor, did her fork being picked up and dropped over and over again on dinner plate, while she talked on the phone in an other room. I watched this happen . One night only , and then never again. My Father had never been to our house, but, my mother had and since she passed away June 2006, I guess she brought him over for a visit?
One last thing, Earlier on the night that my mother passed,as she lay on a hospital bed, knocked out on morphine, I whispered in her ear for her to: "go be with dad", "go be him, now", "no more pain and sorrow". Within a few hours, she left to go be with my father. She had a combination of health issues, one was Parkinson's disease. She fought a good fight, as did my father against Cancer.His last words were to me: " take care of your momma", "if I can't count on you, who then, can I count on", " I can't be here anymore".I remember his voice, I guess , I always will. I know that they are together, or hope anyway.

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Father's Presence?
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