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 Why is ISO 9000 Important?

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PostSubject: Why is ISO 9000 Important?   Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:39 am

ISO 9000 is important because of its orientation. While the content itself is useful and important, the content alone does not account for its widespread appeal.

ISO 9000 is important because of its international orientation. Currently, ISO 9000 is supported by national standards bodies from more than 150 countries. This makes it the logical choice for any organization that does business internationally or that serves customers who demand an international standard of excellence.

ISO is also important because of its systemic orientation. We think this is crucial. Many people wrongly emphasize motivational and attitudinal factors. The assumption is that quality can only be created if workers are motivated and have the right attitude. This is fine, but it doesn't go far enough. Unless you institutionalize the right attitude by supporting it with the right policies, procedures, records, technologies, resources, and structures, you will never achieve the standards of quality that other organizations seem to be able to achieve. Unless you establish a quality attitude by creating a quality management system, you will never achieve a world-class standard of quality.

Simply put, if you want to have a quality attitude you must have a quality system. This is what ISO recognizes, and this is why ISO 9000 is important.
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Why is ISO 9000 Important?
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