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 Quality Management: understanding Quality Management

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PostSubject: Quality Management: understanding Quality Management   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:10 am

Quality Management may be defined as the process through which organizations apply statistical process control mechanisms in order to improve the quality and standards of goods and services that are manufactured. Closely related to Quality Management is tqm, also known as total quality management. This is basically a management strategy that is applied in businesses in order to create awareness of high quality in most organizational processes. Quality Management features three main components including quality assurance, quality improvement and quality control. Quality management is focused not only on the quality of products and services but also on continuous improvement of quality standards.

Most methods that are now being used for Quality Management, quality system and quality manufacturing system take into consideration the need for high quality as an essential attribute in services and products that are manufactured by companies and organizations. Quality Management usually involves the successful improvement of quality of services and products. This is usually done through quality training processes where one can also acquire lessons on quality process and process management. One tool that is used for ensuring auditing quality in Quality Management is the MasterControlQAAD(TM) software. Besides using tools to carry out Quality Management successfully, one can also consider applying project management. This will help ensure continuous quality improvement.

The other way through which organizations can improve quality of process and service output is by using six sigma. This is basically a business management strategy that helps identify and remove defects and variations in the manufacturing process. It also helps guarantee Quality Management. It works by using a set of high quality business management and overall management methods to ensure quality and guarantee Quality Management. Most products and services to which Quality Management is applied are certified with iso certificates. Some of the iso certificates that guarantee that a product or service has undertaken Quality Management, change management and process improvement is iso 9001.

iso 9001 and iso 14001:2004 set down specific guidelines for environmental management systems and Quality Management. Other guidelines can be found in other generic process management philosophies such as the lean management that follows iso 9000 quality improvement standards aimed at guaranteeing total quality to its quality systems. The other mode through which organizations guarantee Quality Management is by use of a quality plan that meets iso 14000 and iso 14001 iso certification requirements. The other iso certification that guarantees product quality in Quality Management include iso 9001 2000.

In order to meet supplier quality in Quality Management systems, there are several iso training sessions that are offered. These meet iso standards. An organization that is in need of Quality Management for its products and services may also consider using a quality manual for its day to day Quality Management plans. Such a manual will usually have guidelines for iso quality. However, when applying the guidelines in the manual, regard must be had to quality audit measures aimed at guaranteeing Quality Management for the organization. Quality Management also involves knowledge of as9100 and iso 13485 that are commonly applicable in supplier management.

Quality Management programs that are iso certified help offer quality policy to existing iso 9001 certifications and quality management system that meet iso 9000 and ts16949 requirements. Quality companies that are aimed at ensuring Quality Management for the products and services that they manufacture also use quality management software that guarantees managing quality. In order to enhance Quality Management, the software guarantees quality procedures through its high rate of functionality. Besides such software, an organization can adopt quality assurance training and also offer quality consulting to its members in order to guarantee Quality Management to its products and services.

There are also several quality project management plans, which meet iso standards such as iso 9002 that are available today. Such plans are usually developed with a view to developing flexible, affordable and scalable management solutions to companies that seek to uphold Quality Management for their products and services. Such plans feature quality management systems that offer quality control management and quality assurance management through quality a management plan. Other quality objectives that can be obtained through iso 9001 training thus meeting iso 9000 certification use project management skills to improve Quality Management for the manufactured products and services.
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PostSubject: Re: Quality Management: understanding Quality Management   Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:16 am

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Quality Management: understanding Quality Management
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