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 Hidden Business Opportunities

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PostSubject: Hidden Business Opportunities   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:39 am

The ISO 9001:2000 Standard has been revised after eight years. And the buzz is rapidly reaching a crescendo. We continue to receive numerous emails and phone calls regarding the impact of the new release. First, let me dispel any anxiety about the November 15, 2008 official “2008” release. There are no new requirements. The changes are largely interpretive, and focus on terminology clarifications. The changes to the ISO 9001 amendment, however, will have considerable benefit.

As a back drop, keep in mind that ISO 9001 is not just an International Standard for a Quality Management System. It is the world’s most recognized business management standard. And it makes a strong business case. It focuses attention on leadership, business planning, organizational business processes, your customers (internal and external), measurement and reporting, and continual improvement. That translates to improved business results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Overview of the Changes

The points of clarification focus on outsourcing, documentation, management representative, employee competence, design verification and validation, process monitoring, control of nonconforming product and corrective and preventive action. But bear in mind, no “shalls” (requirements) were added or removed.

Examples of select changes include: In an attempt to clarify the term “outsourcing,” notes were added that require the organization to identify processes (and the control of these) to be completed by an external party. With respect to documentation, the changes focus on improving the compatibility between ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The only significant addition to the management representative sub clause was to require that the MR be a member of the organization’s management team. This means a contracted person could serve in this role as long as he or she is also considered part of management. The management representative does not have to be full-time.

With regard to competence of employees, a note was added to make training more pervasive throughout the organization. Training applies to all employees directly or indirectly responsible for delivering a service or producing a product (everyone that is part of the quality chain). A complete listing of changes can be found in Annex B (Table B.1) of the Standard. Also, note that there is better alignment with ISO 14001:2004.
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Hidden Business Opportunities
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