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 Lost Kisses DVD Silber Media Review!

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PostSubject: Lost Kisses DVD Silber Media Review!   Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:15 am

Titles: Lost Kisses DVD - My Life is Sad and Funny
Mini Comics:
Worms #5
Just a Man Issue Two - Words: Brian John Mitchell / Art: Andrew White
Ultimate Lost Kisses #11
Marked #9
Just a Man Issue Three - Words: Brian John Mitchell / Art: Andrew White
Contact Information:
Silber Media - PO Box 18062, Raleigh, NC 27619
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President
Comments: The stickmen in these comics tell a story of drama, love, heartache, pain, suffering, death. The stories have to be reflected upon real life events. The stories are just too real. The author shows courage in getting these stories out. He shows sacrifice and commitment. He shows determination and toughness. The stories come from his heart. Some of the stories are somewhat shocking, so the author shows he has guts to lay out the stories to the readers. Of course the author is talented, because the stories all come together like the pieces of a puzzle. If you like the following shows: As the World Turns, Beverly Hills 90210, Dallas, Days of Our Lives, The Edge of Night, General Hospital, Guiding Light, Knot's Landing, Melrose Place, Peyton Place and Santa Barbara, well you found a great place to find stories that have a similarity to these shows. All the drama, humor, excitement, sadness, happiness can be found in these match size comics. Also, the author now has a SUPERB DVD and you can easily sit back in your favorite chair and watch the stories unfold. There is only one word for these mini comics and Lost Kisses DVD: Majestic!!
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Lost Kisses DVD Silber Media Review!
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