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 Interview with Autumn Breeze aka Elizabeth Brown, 5th Generation Witch

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PostSubject: Interview with Autumn Breeze aka Elizabeth Brown, 5th Generation Witch   Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:21 am

Interview with the Autumn Breeze aka Elizabeth Brown, 5th Generation Witch and Owner of Design Bazaar

Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
Interview conducted at: Butch and Nellie’s Coffee Co, 1827 I Street, Sacramento, CA - Date: November 21, 2009 Time: 1400 Hours.

Personal Note: As I was heading to Butch and Nellie to interview Autumn Breeze, something very odd happened. Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant played three times on 3 different radio stations. Two times going to Butch and Nellie and one time leaving Butch and Nellie. Was I getting a message from the great beyond? Hmmm...well, listen to the song, while reading this interview:

Question: Tell us something personal about yourself, your family life and anything else you would like to tell us.

Answer: I was born a fifth generation witch and was always surrounded by people with spiritual gifts of many different kinds. I had many visions and dreams showing me what’s to come in the future. I could even see and feel ghosts. My mother was a great reader and was very well known in the community. I now not only have those gifts that I grew up with but, I read Tarot and Oracle as well.

Question: Let’s get to the guts of this interview, you mentioned to me that you had an experience with a poltergeist, can you please elaborate.

Answer: I was born in San Jose, I lived in this house. This house had a poltergeist. At the end of the hallway, it was very dark and cold. I would hear growling sounds or sounds of an animal in pain. This was coming out from the end of the hallway. Cabinets would open and close. The house would affect people in different ways; it caused people to become irate or violent. My mother would get into physical fights with my father. It got so bad, that my mother almost shot my father with a gun. Things were so bad; they finally ended up with a divorce. My two older sisters got married young and their husbands moved into the house and something influenced their husbands, where they became violent. My new stepfather and mother also lived there and they got into some horrendous fights. The house almost caught fire many times over and there was no reason that the fires would start. Finally we rented the house to another couple, and the couple that lived there had a strange situation, where the female occupant was chasing her boyfriend out of the house with a gun. The house had strange influences on anyone that lived there. We finally ended up selling the house and moving to Texas.

Question: Wow! That is an incredible story. You also told me that you had some ghost stories. Can you elaborate on that?

Answer: The first one I can remember is an apartment that I lived in. I was home alone and my ex-husband was working. I saw a full body apparition of a man standing over my bed. The man was wearing an old west type of outfit, cowboy hat and everything. I yelled at him to go away and leave me alone. My husband came home shortly after and the cowboy ghost was gone and never came back. That was my first ghost encounter. The second apartment that I lived in there was a spirit of a 5 year old boy. I found out some history about this apartment, a mother drowned her little boy in the bathtub. The little boy ghost was not harmful and the kittens would actually play with him. Everyone in the apartment complex knew about the murder of the little boy by his mother. He never harmed us and we were not bothered by his presence. I lived on 60 acres of pecan land in Texas in a town called Reedville. There was a Spanish cemetery across from our land. At night you could actually see apparitions of ghosts floating around at the cemetery. On many occasions some ghosts would leave the cemetery and enter our home. They would actually touch me or my children. I am a sensitive and can feel their presence. We lived at this home for 4 years. We moved to Waco, Texas and the first home we lived in, it was a very old home. There was a ghost of some sort there and it would open cabinets, doors and windows. It was a harmless ghost. The 3rd house in Waco, had a ghost of an old lady and the house has a history. The history is that there was a lady there that passed away from an illness, her husband could not handle this and the husband hung himself in the garage. We moved in and we could smell what I call an old lady perfume, very sweet smell. I could hear her walking down the hallway or rocking on a rocking chair. She would also dial up our phone, turning on the speaker on the phone. She would also turn our TV on when we went to bed. She had a major habit of opening the bathroom window. Finally we gave up closing the bathroom window and would just leave it open to appease her. She was a harmless ghost. We moved to Sacramento, to a three bedroom house and I had a roommate that placed several mirrors facing each other. It seemed to cause a portal to open up in that home in which the following happened: a) we saw black silhouettes with red eyes staring at us from the end of the hall during the evening; b) anyone that came to visit our home picked up strange energy from this house, they felt an evil presence; c) a little boy felt icky things in the house, peering through the door of the house and did not want to enter the home. Now let me tell you the next ghostly encounter, believe it or not I met up with the late Ms. Winchester of the Winchester Mystery House in Santa Clara. We decided to take a vacation and went to the Winchester Mystery House. We went on the tour of this historic house and went into the tea room. This is the room that collapsed on her and she was stuck in that room for 3 days, they had to pull her out of that room and rebuild it. When I was at the tea room, I felt Ms. Winchester run through me, almost knocking me to the floor. My friend was standing next to me and she felt the ghost of Ms. Winchester run through me and held me up where I would not fall on the floor. We instantly left that room, not wanting to be there. During the tour of the house, my friend and I took many photos of various rooms and we discovered later orbs on our photographs. Now I want to take the night tour of this famous house, I am still curious. My last encounter with a ghost would be at Witchapalooza at Cal-Expo where I met you! The Friday night before the festival, my business partner and I was late setting up. It was after 10pm. We were the only ones left there, we were alone. I happened to see the spirits of 3 people run by and disappear, then a cat. I told my business partner…”wow…this place is crawling with people (ghosts)”. I also saw two ghostly cats at Cal-Expo. Note: Cal-Expo is very close to Paradise Beach in which a ghostly man is seen walking the beach in the middle of the night. People say this ghostly man walking the beach is a drowning victim. What is interesting, this ghost has also been seen on the grounds of Cal-Expo.

Question: Please tell us about the one encounter you had with a demon.

Answer: My mother was throwing some books away and I noticed an old spell book in the garbage and I took it out. My mother saw me take the book and told me to put it back in the garbage, the book is nothing but trouble. Being the curious teenager that I was, I retook claim of the book from the garbage. I did a simple love spell in the book and that is when the trouble started. I made a string bracelet charm for the love spell. That night I felt a clawing hand grab a hold of my arm and the entity was doing an Indian burn on my arm. I screamed and my mother entered my bedroom and turned on the light and it disappeared. She asked me what was wrong and I said nothing. The next night, I woke up there was a cold misty fog in my room, I looked up and there was a cloaked figure staring at me. The entity asked me if I chose the darkness. I got very scared and started screaming and said I chose the light of God. He vanished and all of the misty fog went away. The next day, my younger sister was in her room playing with her dolls and a demon like creature came up from the floor and grabbed my sister and clawed her on her chest. My mother came in and saw what happened to her, she automatically knew it was something I did. My mother is psychic and knew that I took the spell book and she asked me what I did and I told her. She told me to get rid of the bracelet. I burned the bracelet and it turned into a hard piece of coal and I threw it into the sewer. It did not stop the creature from coming back. He came into my room again and was throwing the dolls in my room at me and made them fly around the room. My mother came in and saw it. She called the Reverend at the church to come and exorcise the home. The Reverend did his exorcism and it never came back. We burned the spell book. Note: Elizabeth Brown is also an ordained minister and high priestess of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Question: Can you tell me about your angel experience.

Answer: My first encounter was when my son was born. He was very sick with a heart condition and the doctors told me he might die before or during the surgery on his heart. On the forth night after he was born, he almost didn’t make it through the night. That was the night before his surgery and the night I decided to go to the Chapel to pray and ask God if he was going to take my son, take him that night or let him live. I didn’t want to get to know him and love him as a person and have him taken away from me. I went to bed that night and was almost asleep, a voice of a woman said to me, you can now rest because your son will live and he will be a miracle child. I looked up at the direction of where the voice was coming from, She was a beautiful angel with light around her and beautiful wings! My son just had his 21st birthday and is doing well. The second encounter with an angel, I was lying in bed and was almost asleep and I felt something like feathers or soft fur brushing up against my chest. I thought it was my cat. I looked to see if the cat was in the room and what I saw was astonishing. I saw an angel hovering over my husband. I knew for sure that was his angel and not mine. After I saw this, I went back to sleep. The third encounter with an angel happened two and half years ago. I was in deep mediation and I heard a woman’s voice call to me. The woman said her name was Margaret and she said I need to start talking to her and paying attention to her. I asked her if she was my spiritual guide and she said no, that she was my guardian angel. She is with me always now. She is my protector, guide, conscience. She helps me to find things, she directs me to the right books to study. She has the habit of telling me about other people and what to watch for. She watches over me constantly to make sure I am safe. She and I had a conversation and discussed the Karma in my life and is helping me to clear bad Karma from past lives and gaining new good Karma to help me where I may not have to come back for another lifetime.

Question: You gave me some gifts for this interview. Thank you so much, can you explain what those gifts are for the readers.

Answer: The gifts I gave you are: a) black candle for binding and clearing negativity; b) white candle for blessing and bringing positive vibes into an area; c) basil for protection and clearing negativity; d) sea salt for clearing negativity and protection; e) sage and lavender spray for clarification and purification; f) incense, frankincense and myrrh for blessing; g) mirror orb for protecting the doorway to a room or home. Note: The reflection on the mirror will expel the negativity out the door or room.

Question: Can you tell us about your business and what is the name of your business?

Answer: My business is called Design Bazaar. I design and make jewelry. I paint acrylic on canvas. I design parties and weddings. I have a New Age store portion of my business for any magical supplies, incense, oils from India.

Question: How can someone contact you?

Answer: – Myspace – Phone- (916) 420-4507

Question: This ends the interview, any words of wisdom for your readers? Thank you so much for your time.

Answer: Always protect yourself. Keep an eye and ear open and never bite off more than you can chew.

Added Note from Interviewer: Elizabeth is also a Hindu Witch. She at times embraces the Goth culture. She has been a teacher, counselor and mentor that cover all her teachings. She is also known at times as the Autumn Witch.

As I was leaving Autumn Breeze, I had to make one more stop. I had to be in Land Park at 1800 hours to see Carey Peterson. I am conducting a preliminary investigation at her home just to see if she has anything paranormal going on at her house. I am greeted by Carey and her family. Her husband Terry Stigge, her sister Kelly Peterson, her Golden Retriever Ellie and her cat named Zorro.

Carey tells me that around 3am, almost every night she hears very faint music. Her husband has heard the music too. The music may be from the 40s and 50s. A former female occupant lived in this home and died, her name is Charris (I may be incorrect with the name). Carey says that she witnessed a door closing and a door opening. She believes she may have paranormal activity in her home and she wants me to check it out.

In the living room, I took 4 pictures. The first picture shows a shadow descending from the ceiling. The 2nd picture shows the same shadow, but this time with an orb to the left hand side. The 3rd picture the whole area is engulfed in the shadow, except for a light streak. Then the final shot everything is back to normal with proper lighting from my flash. There is no reason for the shadow to be in those pictures, the flash should eliminate all shadows.

When I first started taking pictures, brand new batteries drained almost instantly and I had to change the batteries. Perhaps an entity drained the batteries?

Then I was taken to the basement and retrieved two EVPs. One EVP sounded like an older woman moaning from another room. The next EVP we asked: “is there anyone else here besides Charris?” We received a quick whispery 'yes'.

Further investigation of this house is warranted. To see pictures of the Preliminary Investigation, stop by here:

Make sure to stop by to see Shannon reviewing the movie: Twilight: New Moon on Good Day Sacramento! Shannon can now call herself a movie critic!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Part 1: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball
Part 2: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball.
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
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Interview with Autumn Breeze aka Elizabeth Brown, 5th Generation Witch
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