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 Finding Emmaus

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PostSubject: Finding Emmaus   Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:28 pm

Name: Finding Emmaus - The Lodestarre - Book One
Author: Pamela S.K. Glasner
Publisher: Emerald Book Co.
Price: $24.95
Reviewed: Paul Dale Roberts, President - Jazma Online!
Comments: What an amazing book. Pamela explains in 'Author's Notes' on how the story is a figment of her imagination, but she utilizes historical characters from America's past, making her story more intriguing and even more fascinating. This is a book that you just can't put down. You will be right on the edge-of-your seat as she mentions various towns, that are descriptive of real American towns on the East Coast. Pamela knows how to pull on America's heart strings via her readers. The heroines of this book are Francis Nettleton and Katherine Spencer, both empaths. Here is the doozy that will have you hooked, both empaths live three hundred years apart, but yet their lives are interconnected. Right in the beginning of this book, you can feel your adrenalin rush as Katherine is terrified after hearing the front door opening and slamming repeatedly, the motor for the lift starts and the lift keeps ascending, loud footsteps are heard, sounds of breaking glass and Katherine mustering up all of her strength as she yells out.."there's no such thing as ghosts"! As the story proceeds along at an exhilarating pace, you will learn about a character named Gilbert Bond that is Empathic, but the doctors mis-diagnosed poor Gilbert. Gilbert is finally forcibly escorted to the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Gilbert starts a diary and when you read the diary, you will learn about the atrocities that were placed upon him. How he faced torture and humiliation. How pitch is thrown upon his body, how he screams in excruciating pain. How three brutish men shave his hair off and cut into his scalp repeatedly. The tortures continue and the reader is left with vivid images in their mind. Pamela definitely knows how to play this story out as if it were a blockbuster motion picture! Pamela's words are what CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) is to the movies! This story is filled with references to not only historical characters, but even to sayings from movies like The Confession. There is a mystery around every corner and it will even have you front and center with a government agency like the Center for Disease Control. Yep! When I say this book is intriguing...I am dead serious! Finding Emmaus is not only a good read, but it also leaves strong images in my mind that will linger with me for a long time afterwards!
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Finding Emmaus
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